Norton 360 = slow PC???

  peabody 18:11 24 Apr 2007

Having purchased and installed Norton 360 on 2 PCs (you can install it on up to 3 on 1 licence) it seems to be slowing up the boot process alarmingly and everything seems to be running much more slowly than it used to. When I boot the PC(s) there's a load of hard disk activity before it finally settles down. if I view a web page it takes longer to render. Programs seem to take longer to initiate.
I found an old thread which referred to the Beta version which hogged system resources so I guess this is the root problem.
Has anybody else found similar problems/solutions?

  5HAD0W 18:31 24 Apr 2007

Personally I have got Norton Internet Security 2007 and since installing it I have taken a huge performance hit. I also believe that the extra hard disk activity may be due to the fact that Norton automatically updates itself by default and as far as I know after this it carries out an automatic quick scan (but not sure about that).

  961 18:45 24 Apr 2007

You'll find many threads here about Norton slowing up computers I'm afraid.

Other users may be able to advise on how to speed things up a bit and which bits can safely be switched off, but as a general rule unless you have the latest fastest processor Norton is a bit of a system hog

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