Norton 360 or pre-installed Mcafee?

  snowy30 18:00 22 Jan 2015

Last month we bought a new computer, it came with pre-installed Mcafee AV that has a 30 day free trial, which will be up in a few days. So, I'm debating now whether to buy the one year subscription to Mcafee or install Norton 360 that I previously used on my previous computer, of which I still have until June for Norton's subscription runs out. I am aware one will conflict the other, and want to make sure which will be the better option.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 22 Jan 2015

I wouldn't pay for either.

and depending on which surveys you look at Norton may show better on a certain site and Mcafee on another.

Therefore in your case, use the free McAfee for the next 11 months rather than Norton for 4 months.

  BT 18:29 22 Jan 2015

Fruit Bat

McAfee is free for 30 days only not 1 year - you have to pay for that!

Free McAfee on new computers is rubbish. Paid for McAfee is great. I've used it for years. Costs me about £1 a week for 3 licences.

I've also used Norton and found it too intrusive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:36 22 Jan 2015

OK misread that Mcafee 30 day still wouldn't pay for either

been using free Avast plus common sense when browsing and have not had a virus since.

  Pine Man 18:58 22 Jan 2015

If you've already paid for Norton until June use that while you make your mind up what you are going to do when the subscription expires.

No brainer.

  snowy30 18:59 22 Jan 2015

On another note, renewing Norton in June will be 64.99 and renewing Mcafee is 49.99

  robin_x 20:17 22 Jan 2015

I recently recommended Avast Free to my Sister, she is quite happy with it.

I use it myself too. Why pay £50-70 per year when you don't have to?

There are several other Free Antivirus apps if you don't like a particular one.

The features on the Free ones are perfectly adequate and as reliable as paid-for versions.

Avast Free

  Ian in Northampton 20:58 22 Jan 2015

Another vote for Avast free. Why pay more than nothing?

  ton 02:59 23 Jan 2015

Avast, I wouldn't pay, no need.

  sunnystaines 10:00 23 Jan 2015

we deleted mcafee trial on our recent laptop and put norton on. been getting a lot of spam from mcafee about our trial ended. If mcafee is so got why do they send out so much spam?

  BT 11:01 23 Jan 2015


"BT £52 a year for McAfee is a bit extreme."

That is for use on 3 computers about 5p per computer per day.

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