Norton 360 + HP/Vista

  Mary_S 02:21 25 Dec 2008

Dear All,

I have just purchased an HP laptop. The following model click here
I shall write a review in a month for anyone who is interested in their range of laptops once i have given it a fair go. Seems ok for now, except it takes between 2-2.30 mins for the laptop to load, which feels slighly too long.
I have installed Norton 360 V2. Once the laptop has loaded, placing the cursor over the Norton icon in the taskbar says ' Norton is protecting you '.

However, I have noticed once you enter control panel/Security/Security Centre it says both the firewall and malware is turned off.
It takes a further two mins then another check on secuirty centre says everything is turned on.

Im a bit confused. An immediate check on Norton directly once the laptop had loaded says im being protected but yet it takes about a further 2 mins for windows securty to show that it is.

Can anyone tell me if the Norton Message is correct and it just takes Vista a little while to recognise it is on OR is my laptop not protected during those two minutes until the Security Center says it is ON.

Thank You & Merry Xmas to you all!!

  tullie 02:51 25 Dec 2008

If you are checking in the control panel/security,it will tell you that the firewall is turned off,meaning the windows firewall,i am assuming that norton has its own?And that it has turned off the windows firewall.

  Mary_S 02:56 25 Dec 2008

For firewalla and Malware it says off. windows firewall is turned off, but it also at this stage says norton is off as well.
But then within the next 2 minutes everything will turn to on.
I dont know whether my laptop is protected for those two minutes while this change occurs. Norton is installed, it says it is protecting me but Vista does not recognise till a few minutes after :S

  User-1229748 02:59 25 Dec 2008

i'll be interested to see any opinions on this because i read an article that said that the vista firewall protects from the moment the pc is switched on.the articleclick here

  Mary_S 03:01 25 Dec 2008

But i have disabled Vista firewall as I have Norton 360 and would rather use the firewall in Norton!!

  User-1229748 03:02 25 Dec 2008

and a merry christmas :o)

  Mary_S 03:04 25 Dec 2008

Merry Xmas smackheadz

  User-1229748 03:07 25 Dec 2008

i think most third party firewalls turn the vista one off automatically,i was,as you are,interested to see if the pc is unprotected for the time it takes the security center to catch up as it were.

  Mary_S 03:10 25 Dec 2008

It may just be for a couple of minutes but thats all it takes it get some spyware these days. I remember 6 years ago when i bought my desktop, i was naive and went online without any protection. Within 10 minutes i had viruses that where switching my computer off. Since then, I like to be on the safe side.
What happens with you machine? Does it take a few mins for Security Center to say your protection is on?

  User-1229748 03:17 25 Dec 2008

i just rebooted to see and it is all protected from boot,i'm using the vista firewall and avira anti virus free,although not many people seem to rate the vista firewall.

  User-1229748 03:20 25 Dec 2008

should also have said the default vista firewall settings do not give outbound protection,it has to be configured to do so.

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