Norton 2006

  bribert 22:55 04 Mar 2007

Hi, Can I install Norton 2006 on more than 1 pc. They will be getting used at the same address? I own the disc and have all activation codes. Thanks for any help.

  Devil Fish 23:20 04 Mar 2007

check your license agreement i suspect it will be for only 1 pc to legally install on more machines you would have to purchase extra licenses

  birdface 10:08 06 Mar 2007

Devil Fish is correct if it is for only one Pc,Some licens's let you use it in up to 3 + Machines,But if it is a laptop you are going to use it on,And its for your own use it is Ok .If I have got it wrong someone will let us know.

  Totally-braindead 10:11 06 Mar 2007

I think buteman is correct, jimmy14 is the one to answer this as hes a Norton fan but from what I recall of another of his postings this is what he said.
I could be wrong but this is what I recall he said.

  squillary 05:23 10 Mar 2007

Norton 2006 is only licensed for one PC, but there's a free upgrade to 2007 direct from Symantec if you click here - don't forget to grab the Add-on pack also mentioned on that page. 2007 legitimately permits you to use the software on three machines. If it's only the AV you have, the same deal applies to that if you click here

To do it, install 2006 on the second and third machine, grab the update before you register and apply it. Afterwards register it as usual.

I did just this and it worked first time with no fuss at all.

  p;3 10:55 10 Mar 2007

of interest, you might wish to use something other that norton on the other machines for comparison to see how they work; so when the norton subscription becomes due and you may no longer wish TO subscribe you have good and useful free alternatives ready ;

as said above Jimmy14 has used Norton but is now trialling avg I beleive

many members on here will not use norton for various reasons; see how you get on with it; it does have a removal tool (downloadable from the internet)if you really want to get rid of it in the future

  bribert 00:27 15 Mar 2007

Sorted. Thanks for all the help.

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