norton 07 free update

  [email protected] 13:55 18 Oct 2006

bought my first pc 2 months ago bought norton internet security 2006, which seemed like a large cumbersome resourse hogger, on reading threads from this forum the 2007 version was recieved quite well.
if you have live 06 you can upgrade free of charge to 2007 version, which i have done and wow! no longer do i have to wait for that damn tick to appear on tool bar, its there straight away, processes now 34 instead of 40 and an extra 4% of free space on hard disk, im sure i've installed correctly, is 2007 version really this slimlined? thanks,
all items ticked fire wall etc, win xp sp2, also haves ad aware se personnel

  Jimmy14 14:15 18 Oct 2006

I know the 2007 version is a vast improvement. I old everyone on here a few days ago that they could upgrade to the 2007 version free of charge along with me posting a short review adapted from the magazine on Norton and McAfees new suites and Norton won. Take a look,
click here


  [email protected] 14:19 18 Oct 2006

thanks so much i was trying to find the link i used, it was on you thread! thanks so much its like using a faster pc much faster!
many thanks

  Jimmy14 14:26 18 Oct 2006

no problem always happy to help and notify people of upgrades. If you have any more questions or problems with Norton remember and post on here. If you buy this months PC ADVISOR magazine the full review of Norton 2007 is on Pages 68 and 69.


  squillary 20:07 20 Oct 2006

Blimey! Didn't know this! I'm glad I did that upgrade to 2006 a few months ago now.

I'm currently downloading it from the link given. The wierd thing is, 5 seconds after I started downloading, a full Norton Antivirus scan started running on my computer!

My weekly update is running... :)

  squillary 20:11 20 Oct 2006

But can it be right that both Windows Defender and Spybot 1.4 are incompatible with it?

I'm uninstalling them now to complete the upgrade, but have a mind to reinstall afterward. Hmmm...

  Jimmy14 20:31 20 Oct 2006

I had to reverse back to NIS 2006 because of the compatibility issue of the norton 2007 fraud detection and phishing bar built into IE was causing major problems with the new IE7. I will be upgrading to the 2007 version when my 2006 subscription is up in December however,


  squillary 00:37 21 Oct 2006

I haven't gone with IE7 yet.

It's a bit wierd, though, because Norton Antivirus seems to have disappeared and my Password Manager details too. I've got Systemworks 2006 too so this really shouldn't have happened. I'm going to try a further reboot shortly, after an update and a full system scan to see if that fixes things...

  rdave13 00:46 21 Oct 2006

Always hated the name of Norton.
Recently I was able to uninstall Norton from my sister's pc without any problems. I totally agree with Jimmy14 that Norton is getting better.

  Jimmy14 01:37 21 Oct 2006

does everyone notice a speed increase on opening and running scans in Norton 2007 products, I do?

  squillary 23:26 23 Oct 2006

Ok, Password Manager has come back after a reboot or two and NAV is still in there, without being explicitly mentioned. The updated interface just takes a bit of getting used to.

I never noticed a problem with any of Norton before. Hasn't it been established that the slow down is only noticeable if you have a Pentium 1 or something equally daft? People just insist on grizzling sometimes, I reckon - I've used AVG for other people so I know what it's like, but I wouldn't rely on it for myself. Personal preference.

Now, should I reinstall Spybot and Defender or is that just redundant now? I don't want them conflicting and making matters worse, though I've retained A-squared and Adaware (no conflict highlighted at installation).

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