Is normal usb the same as usb2?

  triflesterms 09:45 25 Nov 2005


Im looking to buy an ipod but its usb2, would i be able to use my ipod with noraml usb?


  MAJ 09:52 25 Nov 2005

Yes, but the transfer speeds will be a lot slower on "normal" (USB1.1) USB.

  driving man 09:54 25 Nov 2005

quite often not, but how old is your system ie are you on XP ? if so you have USB 2 by default. Just make sure that if you use a hub that it is usb 2 not 1. You can use a USB 1 hub bub then your USB 2 slows down to USB 1. basic hubs are not expensive (around £4 powered hubs come in at £8 or so . I use one which can be got through net from click here

  triflesterms 10:00 25 Nov 2005

Im using xp pro, whats a hub bub?
Do you mean buy a usb 2 hub for my pc?


  MAJ 10:04 25 Nov 2005

XP doesn't have USB2 by default, it wont turn a USB1.1 port into a USB2 port, XP has USB2 support by default. If your computer doesn't have USB2 ports then you will need to buy a PCI-USB2 card and install that card in a spare PCI slot.

  Khufu 10:13 25 Nov 2005

how do you know which are which? or is that a daft question

  GroupFC 10:31 25 Nov 2005

No question is daft!

To see if you have usb 2.0, go to my computer>right click>properties>hardware>device manager and you should see usb controllers. If you expand that if you have USB 2.0 it should show up as "enhanced".

  driving man 11:15 25 Nov 2005

MAJ is so much more eloquent than I and so explained it better. A hub bub is what you get with a cordless keyboard that can't or won't keep up with my typing. I suspect it's "won't" as all things mechanical are out to get me this week including the car

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