Nop Audio Device

  taffyal 16:26 15 Nov 2006

I just fitted a new (2nd hand!)ECS K7S5A mobo. All works well, except No Audio Device fitted. Can anyone tell me please how to find & fit one?

  Gongoozler 16:31 15 Nov 2006

This motherboard has onboard sound, so you will need to enable it in the BIOS and install the drivers click here(V3.1)&MenuID=45&LanID=8

  Gongoozler 16:33 15 Nov 2006

Try this for a better link to the motherboard drivers click here

  taffyal 16:54 15 Nov 2006

Ive downloaded the drivers, cant figure out how to install them.By audio device,I mean that I tried to play a cd in Media Player & it said no audio device present.I checked in control panel, sounds and audio devices & it said the same! It appears enabled in bios.

  taffyal 17:01 15 Nov 2006

In device manager, between Network Adaptors & Ports, I see ?Other devices ,?! Unknown device. It says its at PCI Bus), Device2, Function 7. Drivers not loaded, Code 28. When I try reinstall drivers, it says it cant find any. I wonder is this something to do with my problem?

  taffyal 18:16 15 Nov 2006

I got it wrong, should read No Audio Device, NOT Nop!!

  Gongoozler 19:36 15 Nov 2006

In Device Manager, do you have anything under Sound, video and game controllers?
Often mysterious devices turn out to be components of dial-up modems.
When you download the motherboard drivers, if they are in the form of an .exe file, then you will probably need to double click the file, it is often setup.exe or install.exe. Otherwise it might be a driver that is installed via "Add new hardware" in control panel. The makers website might have instructions, or the downloaded file might be a zip file that includes the driver and instructions as well.

  taffyal 20:05 15 Nov 2006

Device manager , under sound etc, I have Audio Codes, Legacy audio drivers, Legacy video capturwe devices, Media control devices, MPU-401 Compatible midi device,Standard game ports & video codecs. They all proudly pronounce themselves to be working OK!
Under other devices, I removed the "unknown device", & on restart it turned into Multimedia Audio controller, saying "not figured correctly Code 1"Tried to renew driver, said it couldnt find one.
The driver I downloaded is SiS7012PCI audio driver(Should it say PCI for an onboard audio?)When I try to install it says "Update driver for plug and play devices" -536870397, & fails to install!!
What if I gave up & bought a soundcard, would that do the trick?? Thanks, Al.

  taffyal 00:12 16 Nov 2006

Just bought a sound card off Ebay- perhaps I'll have more luck, & better sound with it. thanks, Al.

  Stuartli 00:15 16 Nov 2006

No, it should not say PCI for onboard audio - that would be for a sound card.

You needed AC97 codecs for onboard sound and the correct one for the chipset used (most likely a C-Media or Realtek offering).

By the way onboard sound these days is remarkably good...:-)

  taffyal 00:20 16 Nov 2006

I'll try another search tomorrow for AC97. I've always been happy with the onboard sound on my K7VM2 until it went up the creek last week! Spent so long trying to sort the "new" one out decided that perhaps easier to spend a tenner on the card, & hope I can manage to install it!! Cheers, Al.

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