KirstyK 17:01 05 Apr 2014

I can get bbc iPlayer on my nook and 4od but not itv player or demand 5..It says my device doesn't support it, I have used firefox, Google chrome and the.normal internet explorer.

  onthelimit1 17:37 05 Apr 2014

Looking at Google, what you have found is true an a common cause for complaint about the nook.

  Zak 17:49 05 Apr 2014

I have the same problem with my Sony Bravia TV; only BBC I-Player Application is provided and the ITV Players are not supported.

  onthelimit1 08:57 06 Apr 2014

And the same applies to the new Chromecast.

  Ian in Northampton 16:05 06 Apr 2014

As a general point, many people assume that if a device - TV, tablet or whatever - will run one or two on-demand services, it will (should) run them all. That's, as far as I know, not the case. If a device doesn't specifically say it supports an on-demand service, then it probably doesn't. Just because they're web-based services doesn't mean that a browser-equipped device will run them. Occasionally - as with e.g. the Samsung TV I have - a firmware upgrade will enable a new service, though.

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