Noob trying to make his network work cannot do it

  PªuL ? ? 20:04 18 Jan 2004

I am trying to network a Laptop and a Desktop PC together (Wireless) with a great deal of hair pulling and frustration. The laptop is a fujitsu Siemens Amilo 7400 and the Desktop is one I made myself.

The laptop has the following Wireless network capabilities.

Wireless LAN
Integrated Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution: Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 LAN network connection

I was advised by PC world all I needed was a Wireless desktop PCI card and all would be well. It unfortunately seems it isnt. No matter what settings I choose or what I do it results in failure. How do I go about networking these two machines together wirelessly ?

One is running XP Home the other is running XP Pro.

  wawadave 20:31 18 Jan 2004

disable xpigs firewall and any after market ones till you get it working.

  PªuL ? ? 21:01 18 Jan 2004

I have tried disabling all firewalls but to no avail.

start, connect to, show all connections, right click your connection, choose advanced tab. untick internet connection firewall.

  PªuL ? ? 19:44 19 Jan 2004

Still no closer to a resolution. I have tried with all firewalls disabled. All settings fiddled with :/ I am at a complete loss as to what to try.

  johnnyrocker 19:46 19 Jan 2004

click here and see if there is anything of use there.


  LeadingMNMs 20:16 19 Jan 2004

Each computer should have an IP address. Open a command prompt and type "ping ipaddress" where the ipaddress is in the form and is for the other computer.

If you do not know the IP address then from the command prompt type "ipconfig /all" and search for the IP address, which is for the computer you are using at the moment.

Does the ping command recieve 4 responses or does it time out each time ?

  LeadingMNMs 20:17 19 Jan 2004

Also have you run the network wizard on both computers ?

  PªuL ? ? 20:26 19 Jan 2004

The ping command returns a 100% packet loss and the host is unreachable. 5 Minutes ago I had it working really well on the laptop but I rebooted the desktop and now the laptop can connect to the network but there is no signal.

  PªuL ? ? 20:27 19 Jan 2004

I did run the network setup on both machines as well.

  PªuL ? ? 18:17 20 Jan 2004

Still frustrated and trying. I turn on the desktop machine which loads up the belkin wlan monitor and the wireless connection then starts. I then turn on the laptop and attempt to connect to the network which fails due to there being no signal. I then have to disable the connection on the desktop machine disable the belkin wlan monitor, restart the connection on the desktop followed by the belkin wlan monitor to make it work. I then hit the connect button on the laptop and it works fine. Until I reboot the desktop machine. I need to make this as simple as possible for it to work otherwise the other half wont bother using it which defies the point of having this all set up.

Does anyone else have any ideas about whats gone wrong ?

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