None of my USB memory sticks seem to have 'Ready Boost'

  Rotenone 18:43 08 Jan 2012

Sir, How do I know when a USB memory stick is capable of being used as a 'Ready Boost'? None of my(several and of various makes)memory sticks have the 'Ready Boost' tab when I click on the 'Properties' tab.Can any of them be adapted to be used as a source for 'Ready Boost'?

  Graphicool1 18:59 08 Jan 2012

Hi Rotenone

Put in a memory stick, right click and choose 'Properties'. In the pop-up menu look along the tabs at the top. If one says 'ReadyBoost' click on it. Then click, 'Use this device', 'Apply', 'OK'.

  Rotenone 19:10 08 Jan 2012

In the pop-up menu there is no tab that says 'Ready Boost'

  robin_x 19:16 08 Jan 2012

I think it has to be 4GB min and adequate speed

  Graphicool1 19:25 08 Jan 2012


As 'robinofloxley' said there is as minimum size, which is in fact 1GB. You didn't say what memory your sticks have. The one I'm using is 14GB.

Type 'Ready' into you 'Search Bar'. You'll see the heading:

Learn how to use your storage device to speed up your computer.

If you click on that I think it will tell you all you want to know.

  Rotenone 15:02 16 Feb 2012

Thank you for youer help.

  Batch 16:23 16 Feb 2012

If you need more memory on an ongoing basis rather than a one of / ad-hoc requirement, you are much better off installing additional memory in the PC.

USB flash memory isn't best suited to the constant read / write load that is imposed by using it as an extension to your PC memory. Bottom line is that it can knacker the USB stick.

I would guess that USB memory will inevitably be slower as well.

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