None of my pc security is!

  SB23 12:18 21 Mar 2007

I've noticed that alot of my pc programs are not starting up with the pc.

When I went into msconfig it was set for selective startup, and the only things that are starting are ZA, Spywareguard, Acronis, Java, and a few things relating to MS, and thats after I've put it back to normal startup. The thing is I haven't touched it, so why did it change? and no matter what I do, the programs just don't want to know.
The main thing though, is the fact that it would appear that the pc has been running for some time with no security running at all. I downloaded the Eicar Test Virus and nothing happened, and I mean nothing, not one program responded where they normally would.

Can anynone explain why this has happened, and is it wise now to reformat and reinstall XP to be on the safe side?

  DJ-Garry 12:38 21 Mar 2007

I am at the moment trying to get rid of a virus that has turned off all my security too.
I think it got in through a key generator for a program I downloaded. I'll try to give more feedback when I've sorted it.

  SB23 12:47 21 Mar 2007

Oh, do you think its a virus?
Anything I've downloaded is from reputable sites, but having said that, all I've downloaded and reinstalled in the last few months was the update for Zonealarm, a few days ago, and that was from Zonelabs.


  SB23 16:22 21 Mar 2007

At the mo, I can't get anything working, looks like a reformat and a reinstallation is the only option. I've even tried my Aronis Backup, nothing is working, and the backup was from 2 weeks ago!

  SB23 16:23 21 Mar 2007

Aronis should read Acronis, but you knew that, lol.

  bof:) 16:54 21 Mar 2007

try running Stinger antivirus checker if you can Download it from here, copy it onto a floppy disk and run it.

click here

  SB23 16:56 21 Mar 2007

Already done that, nothing was found.

  bof:) 17:12 21 Mar 2007

have you tried running an on-line virus scan such as Panda scan?

click here#

Use Internet explorer to go to the website.

If you have any virii on your pc panda scan will usually find it and name it, but not get rid of it. If you get a named virus go to the Nortons symantec website and look at how to get rid of it.

click here

  bof:) 17:19 21 Mar 2007

have you tried using system restore from a date before your problem began? You can see if everything remains checked in selective startup.

  SB23 17:40 21 Mar 2007

It won't let me run it, even allowing for the active x download, nothing is happening, and I used IE to go to the site.

  SB23 17:42 21 Mar 2007

System restore is a no go. Had a cleanup last week and deleted all but the last restore point. Oops.

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