Non systen dick or disc error

  Molly_Don 16:30 27 Jul 2009

I accidentially dropped my laptop, I've rebooted it and have a message on the screen "Non-System disc or disc error, replace and strike any key when ready"

Anyone help me please?

  Pineman100 16:36 27 Jul 2009

Is there a CD in the optical drive? If so, take it out and try booting up again.

  Molly_Don 16:41 27 Jul 2009


No, there's no CD in the drive, when I boot it up, it doesn't sound right.

  Pineman100 16:43 27 Jul 2009

If you feel sufficiently confident to do this, open up the hard drive compartment and check the power and data connections to your drive. Something may be loose.

  Molly_Don 17:19 27 Jul 2009

I'm not confident to open the hard drive compartment, I took it round to PC World, they said going by the noise / message on the screen, the hard drive has gone.

  birdface 19:37 27 Jul 2009

Try in safe mode and try last good configuration or system restore if it works.

  Molly_Don 20:48 27 Jul 2009


thx, but when I boot the system up, I can't get past the message on the screen.

This is what I have: HP 530 Celeron M 440 /1.86 GHz 15.4" Widescreen TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA ), RAM 512 MB HDD 80 GB DVD±RW (+R double layer) / DVD-RAM GMA 950 Vista Home Basic

I've no idea what so ever with computers, thereforem I'm going to PC world to get them to replace the hard drive, does anyone know, if they would have a hard drive in stock, and how much approx I'm looking at, also, will they do it whilst I wait?

I did have Open office software on it, I didn't have MS, so don't need them to install any MS products.

Hope the above makes more sense to someone than it does to me.

Thanks for all the help so far.

  Technotiger 21:46 27 Jul 2009

They will almost certainly have a hard drive in stock, but I doubt very much whether they will fit it while you wait. The actual change over takes only minutes, but the software takes much longer, depending on what software is involved.

Very approximately, the drive will cost about £40 - £90 depending on capacity, and labour about £30 an hour! But this is purely guesswork!

  Molly_Don 22:12 27 Jul 2009

Hi tech

Thx for your help, may I confirm a few questions please?

when you say the software, do you mean all the programmes the machine comes installed with?

Once it has a new hard drive, will the machine be as new?

Re the duff hard drive I have in the machine now, I take it no information can be traced from it?

I'm worried about things like my bank details / passwords, etc, etc, being on the hard drive, and someone much more cleaver than me being able to acces those details.

  Molly_Don 22:13 27 Jul 2009

Oh, forgot to ask, do I just ask them to replace it with an 80 GB hard drive?

  DieSse 00:02 28 Jul 2009

"Re the duff hard drive I have in the machine now, I take it no information can be traced from it? "

Probably not - but ask them to be sure to give you the old drive back.

" I just ask them to replace it with an 80 GB hard drive?"

Ask the prices for different size drives - and maybe a fadter drive if one is available. Then decide which you want. The work is the same, just the drive price will be different.

If you can afford it, more RAM would be good for Vista - another 512KB perhaps.

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