Non Responsive Program - MS Internet Explorer

  Phil930 02:15 10 Apr 2005

The computer runs XP Home Ed with SP2. The IE edition is 6.0.2900.2180. The internet connection is a 2Mbps ADSL.

The problem occurs when surfing the internet, no matter what the site is. It occurs when you try and click a link or option within an internet explorer window and the window becomes non responsive. Everytime is occurs i get the option to send the error report to MS, which has the following re-occuring error signature:

Error Signature:
szAppName : iexplore.exe szAppVer : 6.0.2900.2180 szModName : hungapp
szModVer : offset : 00000000

It is making the computer unusable on the internet as its only a matter of seconds before the desired IE window becomes non responsive.

It is not my computer and is used by people that aren't very computer literate, so moving to another explorer (i,e firefox) is not feasible. I have also run disk cleanup, scan disk etc. There are no viruses on the computer.

The only thing that i can possible think of is the MSN toolbar feature (such as pop up blocker) is conflicting with the SP2 feature pop up blocker.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  AndySD 02:59 10 Apr 2005

Try running Adaware click here and/or A Squared click here just to make sure it is not a hjacking/adware problem.

  Phil930 15:47 10 Apr 2005

I am unable to click on the links you posted in your answer - it makes this window non responsive too.

Furthermore, upon boot MSN Messenger was also non responsive when it self loaded.

Any other recommendations? Can u give me more info about where i can download those programs from as i can't use the links?


  VoG II 15:52 10 Apr 2005

http: //www.

http: //www.

I've put spaces in the links. You can copy them, paste into address bar, delete the spaces and press Go.

Also, try this one

http: //

  Phil930 16:29 12 Apr 2005

None of the suggested approaches solved the problem, so in the end i chnaged the default browser to Firefox (superb!).

Couple of questions relating to Firefox though:
1)How do i remove a blank bar at the top of the page where all the links used to be that serve no purpose (the bar is directly below the address bar section and is about finger width).
2)From MSN Messenger, how do i make that program open up email using Firefox? Firefox is set to default browser, however when on MSN Messenger i click 'My Email Inbox' it opens a window in IE, not Firefox. This then creates the same problems as before.

  Phil930 16:30 12 Apr 2005

I just answered question one myself.

Any help on Q2 is greatly appreciated though.

  Phil930 16:31 13 Apr 2005

bump - firefox users pls!

  CurlyWhirly 08:08 14 Apr 2005

I think you may need to download Firefox Thunderbird
click here as I am an AOL user and ALL of my e-mails are accessed through AOL's own software.

I am now using Firefox as I have recently had trouble with Active X controls in Internet Explorer and I only know when I receive an e-mail as I have a message saying "You have e-mail"
I don't think that the standard Firefox browser supports e-mails WITHOUT downloading Thunderbird but I am not 100% sure as I don't use it. (Thunderbird that is!)
Perhaps someone will confirm?

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