Non response apart from Outlook Express

  scottthrust 12:40 10 Dec 2006

Hello there thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

To give you some idea of my experience I am 31 and have a moderate knowledge of computers. I know a fair amount and can do the home basics. I can build a pc but dont know the intricacies of hardware compatability although you can always look those up. I can install windows, know my way around control panel well and disk management etc...

My mothers computer is not responding to anything but Outlook Express. She cannot access the menus or open any other programs. I recently suggested she switch to Firefox which she downloaded but i know she may done something wrong. The pc is fairly old and still running on W98. I have asked her to boot up and send the specs but I think it's a pentium, probably pentium two as its a few years old. I know i have always had problems with outlook because of the pop3 server issue which i did not know how to resolve so i always steered clear preferring gmail.

Can you offer any clues as to why the PC will not allo access to any other programs apart from OE. She has called a PC fixer but he seemd to think that it would take a lot of worl to fix. My approach would be to install XP providing the old thing can handle it, thats the pc not my mother by the way! She is both experienced and indeed expert in missing the obvious but she has used computers for years so has a working knowledge but no real knowledge if you know what i mean. My knowledge extends to reading forums, and living next door to a tech who I learnt a lot from but not to the extent where i can apply an real in depth expertise.

Sorry this is a bit long but i hope it helps you understand the sort of advice I will be able to understand and act upon.

Yours with thanks again


  alan2273 12:48 10 Dec 2006

If it is an older computer.
It might not be a good idea to install XP.

Why dont you try out one of the Linux distros like Puppy or DSL, these can be run from a live CD, to see if you like them.

And once set up it will be more secure than 98SE.

  scottthrust 13:00 10 Dec 2006

Thanks for the advice alan. I've been thinking about switching to Linux for ages but my mum i think would not want to start on another operating system. I dont live at home by the way so I think if i can get it up and running on Windows that would be easier for her. I will download a copy of Linux anyway because im having problems with my PC because my copy of XP (get the message) went kaput and at the moment both the HD and DVD are down and need replacing i only have a 30 gig drive functional so i guess i could run linux using that. I just need to sent the drives off for replacements but cash is tight at the moment so i havent done that yet. Im assuming its freeware and findable through Google. Regarding my mother's pc i guess linux would be a good bridging tool to get things up and running again but i think she will want to stick with windows things are complicated enough as far as she is concerned. Perhaps when i know my way around linux myself i can convince her. any other advice appreciated but i will make the switch soon.

Thanks Alan


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