Non PC question regarding a Panasonic Vid Cam & a Samsung TV

  Graphicool1 16:52 16 Jun 2013

Hi Guys

I have a puzzle for you, well it is for me. I have a Panasonic Video Camera and a Samsung Smart TV. The Vid Cam connects to the TV via 3 plugs Red-White-Yellow in that order. Up until last Friday we would do this and watch what we'd recorded on the TV. However, Since Friday it will still play the vid, but only in black and white?

The manual doesn't mention anything to do with black & white, even in the trouble shooting section? When I downoaded the vid to my PC it plays in colour. It also plays in colour on the cameras own screen? I'm thinking that the problem might be with the TV/

Anyone had this problem of know what I can try to remedy it?

  Woolwell 16:54 16 Jun 2013

Have you done the obvious and made sure that all of the cables are firmly connected?

  Graphicool1 17:02 16 Jun 2013

Hi Woolwell

Yes both myself and my wife have have unplugged everything and replugged everything, several times each. After all it's not rocket science, but it's got me scratching my head. In any case if it were a loose connection you wouldn't expect it to play at all. Instead of not playing in colour.

  Zurdo 20:35 16 Jun 2013

Check the input selection on the tv.

  Zurdo 20:36 16 Jun 2013

Sorry meant source selection.

  T0SH 20:55 16 Jun 2013

Could be an output setting in Video Cam changed from (UK)PAL to (USA)NTSC TV standard that would show up as a lack of colour ,or maybe the tv needs to be set to use RGB input ?

Cheers HC

  natdoor 20:56 16 Jun 2013

The red and white connectors are for audio and the yellow for composite video. Composite video consists of luminance and chrominance. It would appear that either the camera is not providing the chrominance element, which would not affect video on the camera screen or to the PC, or the TV is failing to process it. Can you test the TV by using another composite source? Or perhaps there is an alternative output on the camera that is compatible with the TV, such as USB.

  Graphicool1 09:32 17 Jun 2013


"Check the source selection on the TV"

The source selection is 'Composite', it shows the three plugs.


"Could be an output setting in Video Cam changed from (UK)PAL to (USA)NTSC TV standard that would show up as a lack of colour, or maybe the tv needs to be set to use RGB input"

All these things could be the answer, but no changes have been made to the Video Camera. On the Thursday it was fine, on the Friday it wasn't?


Yes it has got a USB connection, however, it isn't designed for playing the video through the TV. It's for downloading the video to a PC or DVD recorder. I tried plugging the USB into the TV, but nothing happened. But in view of no other obvious solution, I will give that another go.

When I connect the Vid Cam to my PC and copy the videos, I can open and play them without any problem. Which when you remember that the TV is a 'Smart'? TV and is in effect also a PC, I would expect it to perform the same as my regular PC?

  natdoor 10:41 17 Jun 2013

I also have a Samsung TV and can play videos on it from a hard drive via the USB interface. I have not tried from a camera. I have to select Source and toggle to USB, and can select photos or videos and then select the file.

As I ststed before, the camera uses digital data to download to PC. The analogue composite video output from the camera requires video to analogue conversion, so the fact that the camera works with the PC does not mean that it is correctly outputting composite video. If you do not have another device with composite video output perhaps you could borrow one in order to check that the TV composite input is OK.

Smart TVs have very limited capabilities compared to PCs. Their functionality on the internet is limited to that provided by the apps which the manufacturer provides and they have limited storage so videos not downloaded and stored, as with a PC, but read in real-time from the source.

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