non dos partitions

  ollie < one> 21:11 07 Jul 2004

hi all i wished to duel boot my comp with win 98se and win xp using partition magic 8 somehow ive mucked it up and i cannot restart my comp when i start comp it says non system disk. ive used the win 98 startup disk to investigate with fdisk to view the partition information and i believe the partition with win 98se on is shown as a non dos partition any help how can i rectify this problem or will i have to reformat the c partition of my hard drive thanks to all

  ollie < one> 21:23 07 Jul 2004

help plz anyone

  Dorsai 21:26 07 Jul 2004

No spicific help. but try click here as this site has plenty of detailed advise on using FDISK, etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:29 07 Jul 2004

Probably best to fisk it or boot with the PM CD and create a couple of new partitions.

  ollie < one> 21:31 07 Jul 2004

tried the link but it was a dead end

  safemode 21:34 07 Jul 2004

win XP will most likely show as a non dos partition because by default if will use NT File System which isn't recognised by DOS hence the "non dos partition". if it is win98 (unlikely) then you've really screwed it up.

bit of a tip for you, when dual booting on a clean hard disk don't use partition magic or any other 3rd party partioning tool, use fdisk to create two partitions then install win98 first to the primary partition then just boot from your xp cd and install xp to the other partion, reboot then you'll be given an operating system select option.

and there you have it a dual boot system.

easy as that.

nuff said

any additional help contact me on [email protected]

  ollie < one> 21:48 07 Jul 2004

win98se already installed thought that i would try to have a duel o\s comp with win xp as well but i resized my c drive from 3gb to 4gb to accomadate winxp that was succesful then using pm 8 install another o\s i clicked yes to apply then system rebooted now showing non system disk i do not know why this was but i think i am looking at a reformat but i need to save some info first

  safemode 21:55 07 Jul 2004

maybe a little complicated, apologies if it is.

create an image of your win98 partition, copy it to some sort of removeable media or second hard drive, fdisk and create two partions then just copy the win98 partion back across.

done it then without losing any data.

this is only worth doing if the win98 installation ISN'T corrupt.

  Night Ryder 22:04 07 Jul 2004

Just a thought and I think you can only do this with partition magic. I use the floppy version of partition magic which you can make from the CD version. If you have a floppy version, run this and check which partition is active. It's possible that you have accidentaly set the wrong partition as active. This would produce the result you mention. You must set active the partition which currently contains the healthy OP system for it to boot again.

  safemode 22:04 07 Jul 2004

partition magic just get's more complicated than is necessary.

but if you don't want to move the win98 partition then maybe PM is your best option.

  Night Ryder 22:14 07 Jul 2004

Reason I suggest Partition magic is because upon detecting one of the partitions to be active you will find that fdisk will not allow you to change this. Partition magic will show you which if any partitions are active and allow you to change this to another drive or partition.

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