Nominet WHOIS Opt Out

  Sir Radfordin 20:08 17 Apr 2004

Given the number of people who seem to be buying a domain for personal use I thought it worth pointing this out:

Your Name and Address will be shown up for domains when someone does a WHOIS query with Nominet click here

You do have the option to OPT OUT and I suggest anyone using a for personal use (you need to have registered as an individual to be able to opt out) does so.

Only know how to do it with One and One:

Login to the control panel:

click here

Then go to your User Profile and you will see a NOMINET WHOIS OPT OUT option available to you.

  spikeychris 20:14 17 Apr 2004

Well done Sir Rad excellent post.

  Sir Radfordin 20:21 17 Apr 2004

The Knighthood wasn't for nothing you know!

  Forum Editor 23:45 17 Apr 2004

that you cannot/must not select the WHOIS opt-out option if you are trading in any way via your domain name, or if you have purchased the domain name with the intention of using it for any commercial purpose.

  Sir Radfordin 10:06 18 Apr 2004

Direct from Nominet:

Who is able to opt-out of the WHOIS?

Only non-trading individuals are able to opt-out of having their address details shown on the WHOIS. Non-trading individuals are defined as registrants who are not businesses and who are not using or intending to use their domain name in the course of a business, trade or profession.

  Forum Editor 11:12 18 Apr 2004

isn't it?

  Macaonasa 00:29 23 Apr 2004

Who's going to know if you're trading or not?

  Taran 01:03 23 Apr 2004

You're supposed to declare it at point of domain registration and you can get into some legal hot water if you use a domestic address for profit trading.

Think about it. You register a domain. It is registered to you, under your name, at your address, telephone number and so on. It stays with you for normally two years or more. How difficult would it be in any typical two year period to check the domain, considering you register it with all of those credentials from the outset ?

  Macaonasa 21:07 23 Apr 2004

I was thinking of using registerfly or godaddy who mask these private details for a small fee.

  Forum Editor 23:03 23 Apr 2004

that you are a 'consumer' - i.e. someone who has registered the name for a non-commercial use. If however you opt out of the full public WHOIS register and you use a domain name that falls within one of the Nominet UK registration classes for commercial purposes you are contravening the terms and conditions of your registration contract. Nominet monitors registered domain names and if they detect a commercial use of the name they will simply opt you back into the public register without your knowledge or consent. If they feel that you are flagrantly breaching the contract rules they may even remove your domain name regostration fom you completely, and your web site will vanish from the internet.

It's best not to cheat.

  Macaonasa 01:09 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your vital advice.

You've quoted Nominet's rules - I'm interested in a; do the same conditions apply?

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