spuds 13:35 02 Jan 2005

Possibly the wrong forum, but I was wondering if anyone was having delays with obtaining domain certificates from Nominet.

I know a couple of years ago delays were the usual case with Nominet, but with a change of management things seemed to have improved.But I notice of late, things are going slower again, with certificate and renewals confirmations taking upto 3 and 4 months. Just wondering as to the return to slowness, thats all!.

  Forum Editor 17:47 02 Jan 2005

you can print your own certificates on the Nominet site. Anyone who registers a domain name that falls within the Nominet administrative levels should receive a letter with a unique code number. Enter that number on the Nominet site and you'll be offered the option to print a certificate there and then.

  spuds 18:10 02 Jan 2005

FE--Thanks for replying, but I think that I have not quite 'put it right'- Appologies.I am talking about the delay from new or renewal of domain names, to actually receiving the Nominet 'coded' letter. The service now seems to be getting slower again with upto 3 or 4 months delay, before receipt of letter for certificate download. Just wondered what the delays were, as things seemed to have improved when the new management took over, but now seem to be going back to old times pace.

  mac_gyver 23:47 02 Jan 2005

By the time I recieve the certificates for my domains its almost time to renew them!! It does seem very slow to print out a letter and post it.

Have you contacted them about it??

  spuds 16:45 03 Jan 2005

mac_gyver-- No I haven't bothered to contact Nominet, only my domain provider who say that it is Nominet who are experiencing difficulties, hence my original query.

I have just received a couple of 'coded' letters the other day, and these were for last August 2004 renewals. I know my domains are registered and save, but taking nearly four months to send out certificate letters for downloading seems a tad long.

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