Nokia USB data cable (6310i)

  paulyorke 21:47 19 Jul 2003

Hi, I have bought a USB data cable for my nokia 6310i . My computer recognises it as a new device but I can not find a driver for it. Any sugestions?

Thank You.

  Steve Mat 22:11 19 Jul 2003

There should be a driver on the CD you got with the phone?

If not, try the Nokia site

  Brian-336451 22:20 19 Jul 2003

As Steve says, go to the Nokia site and under your (and my) phone, you can download the driver required.

click here

The above link should help

  Brian-336451 21:08 23 Jul 2003

Why ask a question if you're not going to respond with an answer?

  paulyorke 21:30 23 Jul 2003

I have been away and have only just got back to my computer. Didn't mean to offend anyone.

I had already tried the driver on the CD, and I have now tried the driver from the Nokia site that Brian suggested. ( Thank You)

It still is giving me a "driver not found message."

I thought/think that the reason these are not working is because they are for the Nokia serial port lead and NOT the USB lead that I have bought. I don't think Nokia do a USB lead as yet, or at least I haven't seen one.

Maybe this driver SHOULD work but there is a problem elsewhere?

Thanks again for any help.

  Brian-336451 10:11 24 Jul 2003

Have you tried approaching Nokia directly - I mean its a reasonable request, the phone is one of the top business phones and it don't come cheap.

Try their number 08700 555777 for help.

I wasn't offended, but I do want to KNOW about these things!!!!

Some of us are quite sad and spend lots of time doing this.

  paulyorke 22:49 30 Jul 2003

Spoke to Nokia support. They say that they do not do any USB cables and do not know of any drivers for a USB connector.

I have been given another number for more technical support but have notspken to them.

I'll keep you posted.

  -pops- 05:54 31 Jul 2003


Your last post contradicts your initial one.

"I have bought a USB data cable for my nokia 6310i"

"Spoke to Nokia support. They say that they do not do any USB cables and do not know of any drivers for a USB connector."

What is it you have bought?

I suggest you get back to your supplier and aske what is happening.


  Steve- 09:35 31 Jul 2003

Try the supplier, for example the drivers for GSMDirect USB leads are available for download on the GSMDirect site. One word of caution make sure the USB lead for the 6310i is marked as 6310 DLR-3P, the 3P is important other leads such as the GSMDirect 4in1 dont work.

  paulyorke 10:08 31 Jul 2003

pops, I'm not sure where the contradiction is.

I've bought a USB cable for my 6310i (which is not made by Nokia.)

Nokia do not make USB data cables and do not know of any drivers.

Thank you steve, I've downloaded from there and am now trying it. I'll let you know. I'm sure I looked there before but maybe they have added the drivers recently?


  -pops- 10:19 31 Jul 2003

You have only just revealed that the cable is not one of Nokia's. If your USB cable is not made by Nokia then there was little point in contacting them. That is where the contradiction lies.

You should, in the first instance, have contacted the company that made or supplied the cable, especially in view of Nokia not making USB cables or knowing of any drivers.

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