Nokia PC Suite Install Probs

  AJ25 14:22 25 Oct 2006

I'm trying to install this application but part way through it tries to uninstall a previous version and fails leaving me with options ABORT, RETRY, IGNORE. Abort and Ignore allow the install to complete but the application fails. Telle me there is no connection type so the wizard will close

I had already used the NOKIA PC suite cleaner to remove the old product following other problems.

Is the only way to sit and endlessly delete all instances of Nokia from the registry?

  Technotiger 14:40 25 Oct 2006

Hi, run RegScrub and then try the Nokia install again.
click here

  AJ25 15:16 25 Oct 2006

Tried before and just tried again. Same problem. I can only think that cleaning the registry of all Nokia files would work but will take hours searching for each one.

  Technotiger 15:43 25 Oct 2006

That is what RegScrub is supposed to do. However, you could go to Start>Seach, type in Nokia and ensure all files/folders and hidden fles/folders is checked - then you can highlight and delete any that are found.


  AJ25 16:29 25 Oct 2006

Perhaps you should walk me through the RegScrub process. I just did the automatic one which of course doesn't know my issues. Can I get RegScrub to ID the Nokia files / keys etc and then delete them?

  Technotiger 20:39 25 Oct 2006

Hi, only just seen your last entry -

The auto RegScrub process should find any left-over bits from your uninstall of Nokia and remove them.

or - Use the Search facility in Windows to look in all files/folders, including hidden files/folders. Then any that it finds you can highlight and right-click and delete.

or - Click on My Computer then then on C: and go to Program Files Folder and look for and delete the Nokia folder.

Sounds a lot but should not take long.


  VoG II 20:41 25 Oct 2006

If this application is installed using Windows Installer you could try click here

  woodchip 20:42 25 Oct 2006

Try this, copy the files on CD or whatever to Desktop. Restart Computer in Safe Mode. Keep tapping F8 as computer starts, choose from list Safe Mode. In Safe Mode run Setup from the copy on the Desktop. You should see a Setup file to double click if you look

  AJ25 14:25 26 Oct 2006

Reg Scrub didn't work. All files deleted. Nokia PC Suite cleaner run. Windows Installer cleaner run.

Reinstalled PC Suite but still no connection type.

The software is one but won;t recognise a phone. The PC recognises the phone but the software won't.

Tried dozens of times but the same results

  Technotiger 15:07 26 Oct 2006

Me again - I also use Nokia PC Suite. Works perfectly for me. What method of connection phone-to-pc are you using. I use the Bluetooth way - I have used both USB and IrD but found Bluetooth by far the best way.


  AJ25 16:44 26 Oct 2006

I also use this on my PC at problem. But on my laptop there seems no hope. I can make any connection phone to laptop but not through the PC suite. When you install the PC suite, it ends up with a Get Connected Wizard. As soon as I click on <Next>, I get an error message "No connection types available and the wizard will close".

So it closes. The software is running but no phone connection can be made.

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