Nokia 1100

  jim63 12:53 02 Aug 2008

This is not a PC question. I have code to unlock mobile but do I have to take sim card out first. Advice on how to enter code would be appreciated.

  howard64 17:18 02 Aug 2008

try looking on the moneysavingexpert web site they have an article on unlocking

  User-1229748 17:35 02 Aug 2008

not much help i'm afraid but i'd tick as resolved then post on the mobile world forum :-)

  jim63 18:30 02 Aug 2008

have tried mobile forums no replies. Got codes from moneysaving but no instructions

  howard64 19:06 10 Aug 2008

jim63 do you have the nokia disk that came with the phone? or the instruction book. If you have the code you have to find the entry in the menu to enter the code and it does it for you.

  jim63 20:06 10 Aug 2008

Just have the book. What entry do you mean.

  howard64 19:20 11 Aug 2008

possibly factory reset

  howard64 19:23 11 Aug 2008

I will email my youngest I know she has done it.

  howard64 08:49 19 Aug 2008

my daughter has forgotten what she did but thinks it was something like #PWxxxxxxxxx where the x's are replaced with the code you have been given and possibly the phones IMEI no. as well. If she remembers anymore I will forward it to you.

  howard64 17:02 26 Aug 2008

My daughterr has sent this "Right, as far as I can see this is what you have to do....
type #pw+ with the code right after the + then a # after the code

To make a "p", press '*' 3 times
To make a "w", press '*' 4 times
To make a "+", press '*' twice
But I believe you only get 3 chances to get it right or you lock the phone up completely. If they get really stuck there is a chap on ebay who generates the codes and what you have to type in for 99p. All they'd need to do is search for Nokia 1100 unlocking and they will see LOADS of them."

Hope it helps.

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