Noisy Tiny cooling fan

  dozerman 12:01 15 Oct 2005

I have a Tiny Terminator desktop with a 3.4g P4 processor, it also has a Cooler master Muskateer
fitted which when adjusted seems to make no difference. The fan noise is constant and quite loud,any advice on quietening or replacing this would be appreciated.

  jack 12:17 15 Oct 2005

There are various reason a fan makes noice here are some and the appropriate remedys
With the machine off and and at socket but NOT unplugged[to maintain earth continuity]
1. Dust build up- Open machine and carefully blow out or vacuum dust from interior paying attention to CPU and Case fan blades- perhaps with a cottonwool bud.

2. Cable droop - Ensure no cabling is impinging on Fan[s]

3. Lubrication carefully peel back the lable over the fan boss- this should reveal a bearing hole - a few drops of sewing machine/3-in-1 oil NOT WD40 this will make it worse-{The is a tale of a Tiny service engineer who wnt back to his van and came back in with the engine dipstick in his paw- but I think that could be a bit extreme]

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 15 Oct 2005

"With the machine off and and at socket but NOT unplugged[to maintain earth continuity]"

Unfortunately this is old advice modern PCs run voltage through the motherboard and sockets/cards constantly (even when switched off).

So always unplug especially when changing components , wear an earth strap or discharge yourself, before touching anything inside the case, by just touching a radiator or other grounded metal work.

Agree entirely with the rest of the advice for this problem.

  palinka 14:27 15 Oct 2005

try this web site click here for a range of products that help, including replacement fans. I found their feet have helped a bit - buy a larger size than you think you need.
Other , simpler, (and cheaper ) solutions include putting your tower on the floor; and/or standing it on a piece of carpet. Some of the noise will be external vibration - ie. if the pc is on a desk it will inevitably cause some vibration noise, whereas on the floor it won't.

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