Noisy PC when running games

  metabolee 22:37 15 Feb 2006

My pcs is constantly very loud when i play a game on a disc so much so that you cant play it its fan is constantly whirring! is there a way that i can cut down on the noise?? Thanks

  Totally-braindead 22:42 15 Feb 2006

You have to work out which fan it is, it could be the case fan if its connected to the motherboard or it could be the CPU fan or it could be the graphics card fan. Its obviously that its getting hotter when playing a game and in order to stop any damage its increasing the fan speed to compensate. You'll have to work out which fan it is and see if you can get a replacement.

  Diversion 22:54 15 Feb 2006

If you've got room on your hard drive try installing the game, if it won't install put the contents of the disc into a folder in my documents and configure it to run from there. You can always send a shortcut to the desktop, I do that with all the games on my PC and it saves wearing your CD/DVD ROM out too.

  metabolee 22:54 15 Feb 2006

ok i see but is this a job that a beginner can do, i am beginning to get disillusioned with the whole pc business now, this is my 2nd new pc in a year if this type of of thing in general carries on i'll end up selling the bloody thing!!

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