Noisy PC !!

  chriscross72 21:03 01 Jul 2004

My pc is quite noisy....there is no fault with it and it s not over heating-the Athlon XP1700 runs at about 107f according to SiSoftware analysis
I believe it is just the power supply and processor fans that are making all the racket
Are there any really quiet -and cheap- fans that anyone could recommend to replace the noisy ones with ?
Thank you : ))

  VoG II 21:04 01 Jul 2004

Have a look at click here

  johnsims 21:09 01 Jul 2004

Can totally confirm Vogs suggestion re I purchased a quiet power supply from them and a flower cooler for my Athlon 1800+ and now I have to look under the desk to see that the light is on. It's virtually silent, but note I do not have a powerful modern graphics card with a fan, nor a specific northbridge fan. Not cheap, but when you work at it all day in a home office, well worth the money.

  Gongoozler 21:32 01 Jul 2004

I use the Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 Tc click here, which at £8.44 inc VAT is very reasonably priced. It is quite a big heatsink, but should fit any ATX compliant motherboard.

For a quiet power supply, you really need to get one with a large diameter cooling fan. You can find these at Quietpc from VoG™s link, or from Maplin click here

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