Noisy motherboard fan....

  pauldonovan 21:34 03 Apr 2005

Hi. My PC occasionally makes a very loud noise that sounded fan-related.

I opened up the case and narrowed it down to a small fan that seems to be attached the the motherboard.

The PC is an Evesham AMD Athlon XP 1800. I believe the Motherboard is a VIA. I have a photo of the offending fan if that helps.

Anything I can do to resolve this? (Please don't say chuck it away as I want to sell it as I've just bought a new one)

  VoG II 21:43 03 Apr 2005
  VoG II 21:44 03 Apr 2005
  pauldonovan 21:50 03 Apr 2005

...thanks, that's very helpful and informative! I'll take a closer look and see if my fan can be removed to do that, if not then I suspect I can't replace anyway.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:03 03 Apr 2005

These fans can be replaced but they need to be adapted because the pin connector to the motherboard is most likley to be a 2 pin connector.

I have just done one this evening for a customer on Gigabyte Motherboard. The fan cost £4.06 and you have to remove the old fan cut the wires and rejoin the cable to the new fan. using the 2 pin molex.

These fans are usually 4cm square. click here have them or even asking at your local PC shop.

  pauldonovan 22:15 03 Apr 2005

Here's a pic of inside my case, I've drawn a red arrow pointing at the offending fan:

click here

Does that help shed any light on what I need? I think the oil is worth a go though first?

If I replace, what parameters do I need to know to order replacement?

  pauldonovan 16:27 10 Apr 2005

Maplin to the rescue. It seems that 2-pin connectors for fans are rare these days, most being 3 or even 4 pin.

After trying to get the connector off to graft onto a new connector-less fan from Maplin (£6.99) I spotted I actually had several 3 pin connectors marked 'fan' on the motherboard so went back and bizzarely they helped me locate the same fan but with a 3 pin connector and mounting screws for £4.99 (go figure!)

My PC is now seemingly silent after i've put up with the racket for about 1 year so thanks to Maplin! (I was too scared to go the oil route!)

Apparenltly it is a northbridge fan BTW.



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