noisy hard drive

  Snrub 15:53 29 Apr 2009

My hard drive is constantly churning away even in sleep mode when no programmes are running. It is though it is looking for data it cant find. Looking at my firewall it is ahowing a cache hit from which occurs every minute even when in sleep mode. Can anyone explain the constant cache mode hit and if this is causing the constant whirring of the hard drive?

  Graham. 15:59 29 Apr 2009

The hard drive should not be active at all during sleep.

  Snrub 17:21 29 Apr 2009

Thanks Graham
Then there are 2 seperate issues:-
1st the constantly doing a cache hit every 60 seconds, is this normal?
2nd the whirring noise which I have now established is a noisey fan unit on the power supply unit. Is there any way of cureing this?
Many thanks

  Graham. 17:42 29 Apr 2009

Check if the fan needs cleaning. A spot of light oil on the bearings may help.
Try Hibernate instead of Sleep, that may stop the fan running.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 29 Apr 2009

Scan with antivirus and anti mal/spyware programs, your machine should not be trying to access the net in sleep mode.

  DieSse 19:58 29 Apr 2009

You've probably got BBC iPlayer enabled. This has
a peer-to-peer file sharing facility which will use your system resources even when you're not using the iPlayer.

The file-sharing part is called Kontiki.

I believe you can set this not to run when you're not using iPlayer - but I can't tell you how, as I don't have it. Look in the iPlayer options.

  Snrub 14:23 01 May 2009

Hi Graham a drop of oil on the power supply fan spindle has cured the whirring noise, many thanks.

For some reason has stopped the repeated 60 secs cache hit.

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