Noisy Hard Drive

  phoenix198 12:17 19 Feb 2004

I've recently installed a Maxtor DiamondMax 9 160GB hard drive into a Biostar Ideq 200S barebones system and am appalled at the noise the drive makes whenever it is accessed - be it during boot, opening/closing an app or just file saving/managing.

It sounds like a Geiger counter off of a bad 1950s movie and is far louder than the drives in any of my other computers, including an ancient Western Digital. I've used the Maxtor PowerMax utilies to check the drive, including the burn-in test and even a low level format, but to no avail.

It looks (sounds?) as if I have a faulty drive, but before I initiate what is sure to be a long drawn out RMA process with Maxtor, does anyone have any further suggestions/tips/tricks to reduce the noise?

Thanks in advance

PS: Don't want to get into fitting rubber sound/vibration dampening grommets (sp?) and there is no room for a Quite PC hard drive caddy or similar.

  anchor 12:58 19 Feb 2004

I had a replacement Maxtor 60Gb drive fitted by Evesham under warranty late last Summer. It too sounded just as you describe.

Contacted Evesham again, they agreed it was not right, and replaced it with a Western Digital 80Gb, which is very quiet.

I would certainly change yours.

  Indigo 1 13:22 19 Feb 2004

send it back before it fails and you lose all your data.

  phoenix198 14:58 19 Feb 2004

anchor and Indigo1.

Guess I was clutching at straws but you are both right.

Incidentally, Maxtor do have an Advance Replacement scheme: you have to give credit card details, but they dispatch a replacement hard drive in advance then you have 30 days to return the faulty one.

Data now safely backed up, and all set to do the second low-level format and data scrub once the replacement drive arrives.

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