Noisy fan at start up

  muddypaws 20:09 08 Jun 2007

I have a slightly noisy fan for about 15 secs at start up if the PC has been off for a day or so. Started about a month ago.
I have removed the other fans and squirted with a trace of WD40, but I am now sure it is the CPU fan.
Can this be removed and replaced easily or does it have the 'grease' between it and the mobo.
Just like to 'treat' it in case it gets worse.
It runs silently after the start up period and speeds and temps are all OK.
Asus P4P800-X MB and Pentium 2.4.

  muddypaws 20:12 08 Jun 2007

That should read ' between it and the CPU'

  ICF 20:23 08 Jun 2007

Could you upload a photo of the fan?

I changed one on my Mum's pc the other day it was attached with four screws.

  Totally-braindead 20:31 08 Jun 2007

All the CPU fans I have seen are screwed onto the heatsink and are easily replaced.
By grease I presume you mean thermal compound, this is only between the heatsink and the processor, as long as you don't have to remove the heatsink you will not have to remove and replace the compound.
The fan should just screw off.

  muddypaws 21:12 08 Jun 2007

Yes it has four screws.
I was just concerned re thermal compound ( apologies for 'grease').
Will have a look perhaps to-morrow.


  wee eddie 09:56 09 Jun 2007

WD40 does not work like oil. In fact it does the the absolute opposite and dissolves the oils present.

There will be a piece of foil, or similar, on the back of the motor. Lift it and add 1 drip of 3in1 or Sewing Machine Oil and then replace the foil cover.

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