Noisy Fan(?) in Packard Bell Easynote K5305 laptop

  boon_intheuk 15:24 29 Jan 2011

Hi, does anyone know what the twirling thing in the laptop I have inherited is, it looks like a fan but its fins are not set at an angle the way most fans are, they are parallel to the body of it? It can be seen through the PC card port on the side of the laptop, if you can view think link/address, "click here" it is a photo of it through the aforementioned port.
I am not sure if it is noisy because it is worn out or if it is running too slowly? It does seem erratic in its speed. Any help before I am forced to open the whole thing up would be great, thanks.

Running WinXP home SP3, Intel Pentium 3.06Ghz, Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go 64M Graphics.

  robin_x 16:11 29 Jan 2011

Yep that's the fan.

Download and run Speedfan click here;1
to monitor temps. You should be 50-60 deg C at idle.

My fan on my (HP) Compaq CQ61-320SA was noisy from about 3 months old. I couldn't believe it was bearing or dust. I could also cure it by a sharp finger tap near Esc key. Sometimes it would be fine for weeks.

I decided I would get it fixed before warranty ran out. But I broke my screen before that so therefore invalidated my warranty by replacing it myself.

3 days ago my machine failed to boot from HDD or various recovery discs (I have quite a selection)

But I did get it into Windows once and Speedfan reported 90+degC.

Disassembly is quite a big job (don't do it without a Service Maintenance pdf or on-line instructions) but is possible if you are competent.

My fan is the most inaccessible part. When I had got some covers off I could see it wasn't spinning and it felt 'stiff'
When I got the whole lot apart, I was convinced I would nead a new one (custom unit) but I did manage to separate then the blades from the motor coil assembly. I wasn't worried about breaking it by this stage.

4 teeny M1 screws holding a metal plate onto curved housing. Remove with Philips #0 screwdriver
Lift and peel label off to reveal possible lubrication 'quadrants'. No use to me.

Other side I used my fingers to pull the blades and body and sort of levered it off the shaft.
Lucky there was no circlip holding it on shaft, I hate those things.
Minimal dust no obvious sign of problem.
Still convince I needed new fan.

Slipped the blade assy back on axis and it was free! Spun with fingers easily and as coming to rest it jiggled back and forth with the magnets.

Connected Motherboard power cable and ON/Off switch cable. Powered up and it was fine.

All I can think is the whole blade assy was rubbing against curved assy. (not the blade tips catching/rubbing)

Couldn't find my 3 in 1 oil so shaft got a smear of vegetable oil (do not use WD-40)

Then a single drop from the other end down the 'quadrants'.

I think I know why it was also noisy in the first place. My curved assembly rests on the edge of the motherboard and was not fixed at all to it except by the copper heat sink thing.

So it was free to flap around/vibrate. Hence my 'tapping' could cure it.

I superglued the edges so that fan housing is now glued to motherboard.

All back together. And all is hunky dory. Took me all afternoon though.

Mark cable and connectors with an indelible pen as you take apart. Although I couldn't have got any of mine wrong as it happens.

Take frequent static precautions every few minutes and after moving around.
I stick a screwdriver in the earth of a 3 pin socket. Do be sure you know which one that is of course.

  gengiscant 16:15 29 Jan 2011

It is most certainly a fan, I wonder if a build up of dust/dirt,is causing the erratic behavior,perhaps a quick go with a vacuum and crevice tool might help,or if it old and needs replaced.

I have only taken a couple of laptops apart,one was relatively simple to get to the bit I wanted to have a look at,the other was a nightmare.

  boon_intheuk 21:24 29 Jan 2011

Thanks for that guys, I have already tried to remove any dust and dirt using compressed air and given it a little squirt of WD40 (wrong thing to do?) I have also had a look at this disassembly manual, "click here"
but it does not cover a system fan, but it seems to indicate that the screen has to be removed to open up the laptop?!
I'll have a go at the speedfan software.

  robin_x 22:09 29 Jan 2011

WD-40 is only a short term lubricant. It's more a water drying/penetration agent/repellen.

I wouldn't worry about it. You can't lubricate the fan till you have got the laptop totally in bits.

Section 7 photo (page 9) - lift the label edge with scalpel then peel. Then there maybe a black mesh on centre (also keeping fan wires taped down)

'x' quadrant moulding. I think you can get ONE single drop of oil to go down there. No more than a tear drop. Use a toothpick or similar with an oil drop dangling.

You need to get at the other side of the fan to lift the blade moulding off the axis.
Page 18. Can you get that metal plate off the fan housing? Mine was screwed on. (tiny screws).
Yours looks taped? Prise it off?

Always hold boards by edges as shown in page 18.

  robin_x 22:11 29 Jan 2011

I removed my screen. It's either essential or just easier. Can't remember.

|They are fragile so easier out of the way. Do not drop.)

  robin_x 22:16 29 Jan 2011

My Maint Guide here. Maybe useful as a cross ref.

click here

  boon_intheuk 22:28 29 Jan 2011

Thanks "robinofloxley", although the fan you are looking at is the CPU fan, the CPU fan is fine and is not noisy, the noisy fan which is in the photo in my first link viewed through the pc card slot is smaller and in a different position which is far more inaccessible, I am now assuming it is a system fan, although with a pc card in the slot I am not sure where it would drive any hot are out to? Cheers.

  robin_x 23:48 29 Jan 2011

Sorry. You'll have to get the screwdriver out then and have a look.

  boon_intheuk 10:56 26 Mar 2011

Finally got brave enough to open up the laptop, a couple of hours undoing screws etc and a drop of oil and "hey presto" job done. Thanks for your help.

  onthelimit 12:08 26 Mar 2011

Just for info, I've never seen a laptop with more than one fan?

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