noisy fan

  dude20 13:53 26 Aug 2007

hi there,
i bought a reconditioned pc from currys. it didnt work properly so the tech guys came over and replaced every part with a brand new one.
the thing is,before all of the new parts my pc was really quite, with them it is really noisy. is it just a different fan and i'll just have to put up with, or can i do anything to quieten it down.


  ICF 14:40 26 Aug 2007

There are loads of fans and they come in different sizes and usually have a noise rating(dBA)

click here

  dude20 14:51 26 Aug 2007

i dont know which one he put in, but its very noisy.
is there any way of changing except from a replacement?

  palinka 15:05 26 Aug 2007

there are several fans inside a PC; any one of them may be causing the noise.
My desktop Pc was always noisy, from new. To be fair the supplier (a local shop) pointed this out before i bought it, but I thought I could live with it.
4 years down the line it was driving me mad.
Tried the technique of taking side off the case, listen to each part in turn via an "ear-trumpet" made of rolled-up paper.
Even then I chose the wrong one to replace (my fault /my ears!).Tho the small one I replaced helped a bit.
Turned out to be the PSU fan that was causing the horrendous racket, so replaced the PSU entirely with one from quietpc.
Cost around £50.
As yours is new you could try getting Currys to install a diferent fan (when you've assessed which one is causing the noise); but if that fails the DIY route is quite easy.
You can check exactly what parts are in your pc by downloading and running Belarc (free).

  Miros 17:04 26 Aug 2007

This advice I received from a member called Batch, it may enable you to identify the offending fan. Obviously you must take the usual care when inside the PC.
Assuming you can access the CPU fan easily, you can just stop it momentarily by gently touching the hub with your finger. If the noise stops, it is that fan, if noise doesn't stop, it isn't that fan (amazing that eh!).

It might also be the chipset fan (if you have one). This would typically be mounted directly over a chip (the Northbridge) on the mobo. You should be able to "test" this in the same way as above.

  spuds 17:26 26 Aug 2007

If the noise is that bad, have you considered asking for the TechGuys back, so that they can perhaps resolve the problem. Silent fans come in all shapes and prices, and can be changed very easily, but why go to this bother if the Tech Guys are available, especially if its something more than a fan noise!.

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