Noisy drives

  ened 15:17 24 Feb 2008

I have two Seagate 500Gb Sata drives in my machine (Only built in November) and they seem to be getting noisier by the day.

The main drive (C) has developed a tinny rattle.
I have a super quiet case and am using Vista which seems to create more activity than previous os. So I am obviously noticing it more, but I need to know if this is cause for concern or if it is a feature of this particular brand.

  citadel 15:36 24 Feb 2008

there is some setting in vista that you can alter to stop all the disk activity, try the vista forum for answer. you can also get noise dampening enclosures for thr drives. quiet pc uk has them.

  kindly 15:38 24 Feb 2008

noise from a hard drive would worry me if it is there all the time. I dont hear my C drive but do my external one when it is updating or loading onto the computer. In case its going dodgy I would backup your files just to be on the safe side.
I have not heard of any maintainence you can do on the drive itself though. Have you tried looking one the Seagate site to see if there are anmy programs there to run a diagnostic on your drive. Sorry not much help.

  wee eddie 21:25 24 Feb 2008

When you installed the HDDs, did you install any absorbent material between the case and the drives. Fibre washers, that kind of thing.

  wee eddie 21:27 24 Feb 2008

there is a possibility that the extra activity is due to Vista's extra RAM requirememts.

  Totally-braindead 21:28 24 Feb 2008

Initially look and see if the drives are firmly mounted, perhaps its something as simple as a loose screw.

  citadel 22:34 24 Feb 2008

on vista file indexing is on by default, this is one cause of the activity.

  ened 06:32 25 Feb 2008

wee eddie: The case is Antec and the drives have their own rubber mounts. I have checked the screws are tight but am about to turn it off and check again. You do seem to be correct in that there is a lot more activity with Vista than I can ever remember with XP or back, but this noise was not always there.

Totally-braindead: About to do that now.

  ened 06:51 25 Feb 2008


The screws were all tight but when I gently shook the drive (in it's removable mount) I managed to recreate the noise.

Trial and Error.

I actually loosened one of the screws slightly and cured the problem.

You live and learn, thanks very much for the help guys, much appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 12:18 25 Feb 2008

Glad it was something simple.

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