Noisy Athlon 550 - very old but still alive...

  Patr100 18:53 09 Jan 2008

Ok this is along shot possibly - I've got an old (from 2000- cutting edge at the time ) Athlon 550 Pc that still works running Win 98se and could sserve as an emergency spare PC - but it quite noisy - it's not the caee power suppply fan it's coming from the Prcessor itself - PCI Graphics card has no fan.

May not be worth spending anything and it's diffcult to google any info but is there any way to reduce the noise, or possibly cheaply replace a component ?


  Technotiger 20:05 09 Jan 2008

It sounds like (no pun intended :-)) noisy fan on CPU, if that is the case it should be quite cheap to replace just the fan, not the CPU.

  Patr100 21:18 09 Jan 2008

yes , gooling got me litte as recent athlons came up but I've found a sooket A fan at Maplins for about a fiver so am heading in the right direction.

  dvdrfr 21:47 09 Jan 2008

Remove or peel off the center cover on the cpu fan, if it has a well either exposed or under a rubber cap, add one drop of light oil. This should stop the noise.

  Patr100 21:54 09 Jan 2008

Hope to try cleaning first - will have a clsoer look soon.

  Strawballs 22:13 09 Jan 2008

That must have been the very first of the Athlons as I had a AMD 550 bought in 2000 and that was a K62 chip.

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