noisy arctic 64 pro

  LITEON 05:38 10 Sep 2006


can anyone suggest what could be wrong with my arctic 64 pro,4 days ago i bought this but the noise its making is same as my athlons heatsink????

  STREETWORK 07:14 10 Sep 2006

As this is supposed to be a silent cooling system, it should not make much noise. Is it still under warrentee?

Check theere is nothing touching the fans (packaging).

  LITEON 08:10 10 Sep 2006

it has 6yrs warraty,i have checked everything they seem all ok
just oe thing my motherboard has 9 holes to mout the motherboard i only used four pillars,do u think that can all the noise???

  STREETWORK 08:54 10 Sep 2006

Ahhh...get some screws and fix it correctly then check if the problem goes away...

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:41 10 Sep 2006

If the noise doesn't go away you could try one of these click here both quiet and very efficient.

  DrScott 13:19 10 Sep 2006

the heatsink and fan correctly (and remember to use thermal paste) or you the fan will spin up too much, plus you'll get a lot of vibration noise.

  DieSse 14:58 10 Sep 2006

This is an interesting review - with a warning in it about mounting orientation.

click here

It gives the noise output as 50.1dBA - personally I would have regarded this as very loud. It certainly is not ultra quiet. My own CPU fan is rated at 14dBA - and that's almost inaudible (though my processors cooling needs are less than yours).

The unit has it's own heat sink compound pre-applied - so you should have cleaned off all the old compound, and not applied any more.

Personally I think you may have replaced a noisy cooler with another noisy cooler. Thermaright heatsinks are very good indeed - and on some you can choose your own fan - the larger the better.

Good selection click here

IMO you should be looking for noise factors below 20dBA ish.

  LITEON 17:35 10 Sep 2006

am going to get mounting screws tomorrow and see if it goes away
few more info i want to add
on start up the fans rpm 2500
amd heatsink was 3500
northbrige fan (4cm)5000+ but its dead silent

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