Noise when running & launching Spybot!

  gazmix 20:47 15 Feb 2008

When i launch Spybot S&D, my pc makes a grr noise & then it appears!

When i run Spybot, i get a noise like a fan starting & it gradualy builds & the slows down & then the same again many times throughout the scan!

It's only Spybot this happens with!

Any ideas as tow what it could be?



  tullie 20:59 15 Feb 2008

Could be a fan

  gazmix 23:10 15 Feb 2008

Could be, but why when i run Spybot, i didn't get on my old pc! why would it roar so loud, die off & then again?

  lisa02 23:16 15 Feb 2008

Try removing and reinstalling spybot or have a look in settings.

In some scanners (I don't use spybot) you have an option to set scan priority ie. low doesn't utilize much resources and high does. Could be using it as a high priority.

  tullie 23:17 15 Feb 2008

Dont knowbut my fans start up when required,and what do you mean "roar so loud"I supose if no one else has heard it,its difficult.What would you put the noisev on a par with.

  esbe 23:55 15 Feb 2008

I think there was problem last year with Spybot trying to access floppy drives (is that the noise you are hearing?) & a fix was posted on their forum, but my 2nd pc runs Win Me and Spybot still tries to access the floppy drive.

Have a look here click here


  gazmix 00:20 16 Feb 2008

Maybe thats it, it's not the latest Spybot version, i get all the latest update detections.

Yes, it does sound like the floppy drive being activated!, or a drive, but the fan whirring is strange whilst it runs!

How can i remedy this?



  rdave13 00:28 16 Feb 2008

Try uninstalling Spybot S&D, reboot and install version 1.5.2 from file hippo; click here

  esbe 00:30 16 Feb 2008

You can D/L the latest version of Spybot from click here to see if it makes any difference.


  gazmix 01:13 16 Feb 2008

Do i need to?, the one i got i like, the newer version i don't like!
If all detections are up to date & working, i assume i don't need the latest version!

But would the latest version stop the noise!

My version is 1.3 ( the one i like), detection updated 15/02/08

So shouldn't be a prob!!


  crosstrainer 07:30 16 Feb 2008

As if Cool and quiet is ramping up the fan voltage....I never had this when using spybot before, but have now purcgased Pc Tools spyware doctor, which is a far better programme (although not free)

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