noise problem

  fatal exeption 13:49 14 Feb 2003

Every time i go on line I have a persistent background noise emanating from whithin the tower.
Dissapears as soon as disconnect. Any ideas,the only thing which i have done recently is increase memory...........

  Gongoozler 14:50 14 Feb 2003

Hi fatal exeption. Noise within the tower can only come from a few places. The fans are unlikely to be affected by your being on line. The hard drive could, but is unlikely. The internal speaker could especially if there is an irq problem. The modem speaker could. To find the source, I recommend a rolled up sheet of A4 paper. Put one end to your ear and use the other end to localise the noise source. Also check in Device Manager for conflicts, and try removing the additional memory to see if that clears the problem. What is your operating system? Windows 98 has problems managing large amounts of memory.

  fatal exeption 16:07 14 Feb 2003

I have tracked the noise down to some degree I.E. it appears to be from the bottom right hand side of the connection panel as you look at it.
I do not knows what goes on inside a P.C.
The noise is driving me crazy I may take the quick way out and take a hammer to it.

  Gongoozler 16:15 14 Feb 2003

Hi again Dave. I think from your description that it is most likely the noise is coming from the internal speaker. If you take off the cover, you may be able to see a small (about 2in diameter) speaker in the area you described. If I am right, it is most likely a conflict in your computer that is causing the noise.

What version of Windows and how much memory do you have? Are you able to remove the new memory so that only the original is left in? If you need guidance on this you will have to tell us more about your computer.

  fatal exeption 16:32 14 Feb 2003

Thanks for your advice I am running windows 98/2nd/ed/with 96mb ram.Could it be the modem? the problem manifests itself on line only.

  Pesala 18:42 14 Feb 2003

Have you tried turning of sounds?
Volume control, check mute.

It won't solve the conflict, but if it works, it might stop you going mad or trashing your PC (*.*)

  Gongoozler 20:29 14 Feb 2003

Hi Dave. It could be the modem, but I have never heard of one behaving like this. The easiest way to check would be with a tube of paper or, with care, a plastic tube held against the modem squeeker. You will really need to run your computer with the cover removed to find out.

  fatal exeption 22:33 14 Feb 2003

I have noticed that the noise dissapeared when I scrolled down to read your response as soon as you release the mouse from the scroll bar the noise resumes. Have not tried your last suggestion yet. regards....

  User-312386 22:43 14 Feb 2003

just a quick question

you know when you boot the computer and you hear the beep, does the noise come from the same place?

If it does we can solve this problem for you


  User-312386 22:46 14 Feb 2003

here is what to do

Go to Start>settings>control panel, select your modem and clik properties button, Go to the conection tab and click Advanced button, this should bring up the modem settings menu,(extra settings box) Try these codes:
ATM0=No sound from modem

ATM1=Modem makes sound until conected(this is normaly default)

ATM2=Modem noise when in use

ATM3=No dialing sound,but modem makes noise when number is dialed and stops when conected.

I have not tried these setting because I like to know when the modem is working. Hope this helps I think you only have to enter the AT command not the full line?

  fatal exeption 14:49 15 Feb 2003

I have tried all suggestions to no avail, if i play some music it masks the tinnitus type noise
Thanks to all

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