Noise from my computer;

  Phphred 12:44 30 Dec 2006

Every so often I get a very strange noise from my computer. It sounds as if a three phase relay is going in and out. The first time that I heard it, I thought that the telephone exchange was trying to signal to me that my telephone was off the hook. But since then I have been getting this noise occasionally. I was just visiting my bank for the first time for a longish while because of hackers etc and the noise started again and my computer froze. It came back to normal when the thumping stopped!! Any ideas anyone?

  skidzy 12:59 30 Dec 2006

Dialup or broadband ?

System OS please.

Check for unwanted internet connections click here

Update and run your AV and Antispyware apps also.

This may be a hardware fault,that we can address a bit later once the above has been ruled out.

  Phphred 13:21 30 Dec 2006

Broadband, I took my Dial up card out when I went to broadband.

Thanks, I have installed it anyway,

Panda keeps telling me to check protection for Unknown threats. but everything is up to date!

  skidzy 13:31 30 Dec 2006

Just incase it may be the harddrive check for any bad sectors.

Start/my computer/right click the drive/Properties/tools/defrag and check the drive for errors.

  Phphred 13:45 30 Dec 2006

There are no bad sectors on my hard drive, I am quite sure, I have been wiping my hard drive perfectly clean during the last month or so and have been testing it with the maxtor floppy. This noise came on before I started wiping my hard drive with DBAN and again today, hence the forum question. I defragged twice yesterday with Perfect Disk 8 as I had lost PD8 and they let me re download. Thanks Skidsy.

  Gongoozler 13:50 30 Dec 2006

Is this noise from inside the computer or from the speakers? If the noise is from the speakers, does the volume control affect it?

  Phphred 14:05 30 Dec 2006

It is not from the speaker as I have it disconnected at the moment. It is from within the pc case and I just can't get accross to you how loud it is. It sounds like an electrical starter box making a connection.

  wee eddie 14:30 30 Dec 2006

there is a possibility of the Disk Reading Arms on your HDD being somewhat erratic or just noisy.

Mine have always made a noise but my brother-in-law's is completely silent.

  Phphred 14:33 30 Dec 2006

Would that freeze my computer?

  Gongoozler 14:39 30 Dec 2006

Have a listen to some hard drive noises here click here. If the drive is making this kind of noise, then it could well cause the computer to crash, and the drive could fail at any time.

Open the case, roll up a sheet of A4 paper to make a long tube about 2 to 3 cm diameter and use that to locate the source of the noise. It could just be a wire catching in a fan blade, but if it is a hard drive, back up all your data and order a replacement drive.

  Phphred 14:59 30 Dec 2006

I shall try all that you say Gongoozler. The nearest was sound 2 and I must say that it does seem to be coming from the front of the case where the hard drive is although I can't hear my hard drive running normaly only a hum. I am backed up, but I shall now make another backup and then do as instructed. I'll be back ASAP

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