noise on the line

  Kate B 23:26 14 Feb 2003

I've just got ADSL (hurray!) but when I'm connected, there's a lot of noise on the voice line ... is this a common problem and do I have to live with it, or should I shout at BT or Pipex - my ADSL provider?

  LastChip 23:34 14 Feb 2003

Have you put the filter in place that "divides" the line and filters out noise?

  Kate B 23:39 14 Feb 2003

hi LastChip - yup, got the filters plugged in everywhere.

  LastChip 23:46 14 Feb 2003

I've noticed noise levels are slightly higher than without ADSL, but not excessive.

It's a question of degree, which is almost impossible to discuss via a forum like this. Also, what I consider acceptable, you may not!

If you turn your computer off, and use the telephone, what then? Because, if no data is being transferred, the noise should be almost non-existent. In other words, pretty much the same as before you had ADSL activated. If there is still excessive (in your view) noise, then perhaps a call to the BT engineers to re-check the line would be in order.

It is very unlikely to be a Pipex problem.

  faichfolds 01:49 15 Feb 2003

Check your line

  graham 10:14 15 Feb 2003

Unplug all phones etc, then with the computer on listen on one phone (dial 2 to break dial tone). Plug in another phone and listen again on the first one. You may find it is just one phone that causes the noise even when it's not off-hook.

  Forum Editor 11:34 15 Feb 2003

or telephone answering machine connected to the same line? Either of those can cause line noise, but it isn't that common.

It's not usual to experience line noise as a direct result of installing the ADSL service - unless the ADSL box has been incorrectly fitted. Loose, or incorrectly made connections are a major source of noise.

  magic 11:38 15 Feb 2003


I have just ordered ADSL from Pipex and will be connected next week. What is it like? Is it fast & reliable, easy to install?

  spuds 11:52 15 Feb 2003

I think perhaps your cure, is amongst one of the above mentioned suggestions.But to add a further suggestion,I had a line noise problem which was due to exterior old line installation and water/damp seepage.Took alot of finding, but BT managed to solve the problem in the end.

  Kate B 14:15 16 Feb 2003

When the PC is switched off, the noise is just about acceptable - it's a sort of hum (which the person on the other end can't hear), and slightly muffled voices. When the PC is switched on and the ADSL is connected, however, there's deafening crackling static.

My suspicion is BT - coincidentally or not, the day before the ADSL was activated, I had a fault on the line - I had no dial tone at all, though you could dial my number, though of course, no answer as I didn't get the ring here.

Spuds, I'm happy with Pipex - though I didn't have to do the setup, the rather splendid chap did it all for me in advance. I'm getting a 576kbps connection, with apparently no problems save the noise on the line.

  Forum Editor 14:29 16 Feb 2003

but you can check.

Phone 0800 679 786 and ask the BT line engineers to test the line for noise. Coincidentally I've been experiencing problems with a repeatedly dropped ADSL connection, and a line check immediately revealed an underground cable fault. BT say they will fix it for me 'within a week'.

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