Noise interference on sound card

  chriscross72 16:50 24 Sep 2005

I have just fitted a pci soundcard into my pc the sound works ok although whilst playing music and searching the internet i can hear interference in the msic as i scroll down or through web pages....does any one know the cause of this and what i can do to stop it happening ?
I have a Trust cordless mouse windows xp pro and the serial on the soundcard box is computer management says all the devices are working ok
any help and ideas gratefully accepted
thank you : ))

  Forum Editor 16:53 24 Sep 2005

and how much RAM is installed?

  chriscross72 16:55 24 Sep 2005

it is an AMD athlon xp1700 and i have 512mb of ram installed

  everythingsuk 17:08 24 Sep 2005

I've got a Samsung X05 centrino laptop with 512mb of ram and when i scroll through itunes or close or reopen windows it does a weird buzzing noise...

very odd.

  PC Bilbo 18:11 24 Sep 2005

Sounds like you are definitely picking up unwanted stray RF signals and this could be difficult to locate.

Wireless peripherals like keyboard & mouse used to run somewhere in the 20MHz band but I would think it
more likely your sound card could be picking up radiated noise from something in close proximity such as an older fax /modem card if you are on dial up.

You could try rearranging your PCI cards to see if this helps.

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