noise from fan in dell case

  nonowtatall 22:47 07 Sep 2011

I have a dell GX280 desktop and the noise from the fan is terrible and when it starts it cuts the computer off and when i restart the computer it says hit F1 to start the fan is at risk how do i correct this fit a new fan and how do i know which fan any ideas

  Ellen G 14:26 08 Sep 2011

This needs someone who knows what they are doing as the fan might be noisy because another component is overheating. A visit from an engineer might be helpful.

  lotvic 15:35 08 Sep 2011

Take the side of the case and have a look to see which fan it is.

If you have never had the side off before it might be that the inside is choked with dust and needs a good clean.

  Terry Brown 17:40 08 Sep 2011

As lotvic says, you need to remove the side of the compuiter to have a look at the problem. It could be something as simple as a cable has fallen /moved and is 'snagging' the fan, causing this problem.

Before you do this, unplug the computer from the mains( for your own safety).I would advise you to get an earth strap and earth yourself against a metal object before starting (reduce static). You can also while you have it open, have a look at the heatsink (the silver box shape above the processor) as it may be full of dust. Check the fan to see if it spins freely, if not you will need to put a small ((2 drips) of a fine oil (wd40 is OK)on it.


  johnathann 09:53 19 Sep 2011

You can even check if something is stuck between the fans to create such a noise.

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