Noise on broadband line

  miseryguts 15:26 26 Jun 2003

Anybody else suffer from noise on voice calls when the modem/router is switched on, on a BT broadband line?

  snoresloudly 16:07 26 Jun 2003

yep!, the main phone suffers from crackles, the extension in the lounge is almost inaudible and this despite both having filters on. when not on line all are fine!!. Although I am on freeserve I assume it is something to do with the line gain!.

  Smudge 16:44 26 Jun 2003

Yep, me too.

I have the PC connected, with an adapter for the modem and one phone, and then a further two phones connected downstairs (as well as the obligatory Sky digibox).

There is no pattern to the noise on a voice call when I'm online-sometimes it's clear as a bell, othertimes it is very hissy/crackly.

  miseryguts 16:49 26 Jun 2003

Yep, I've got filters on every extension too - I started off with cheapies so I changed them for Fuji ones but still no difference.

  magic 16:50 26 Jun 2003

me too. Rang BT and they said I'd get call back from engineer. No call back so didnt take it any further.
Anyway, too busy gaming for phone calls. I think i can put up with the line crackle if it means fast internet, downlaods etc

  dontaskme 17:02 26 Jun 2003

Same here, but i use my mobile for phones so don't really have to put up with it.

  graham√ 18:08 26 Jun 2003

If the broadband works OK, chances are the problem is at your end. Unplug everything, including filters, and plug in one at a time into one socket. Do the same at the next socket. A pattern may emerge of which socket, filter or phone is putting the noise on. I found one phone in the bedroom put noise on when it was just plugged in, so I leave it unplugged!

You should not have to 'put up' with the noise, but be aware if a BT engineer attends, and proves the line OK, you will get a hefty bill.

  miseryguts 13:20 30 Jun 2003

Graham, thanks you cracked it! I did as you said and, lo and behold, the extension in the garage was causing the problem. Will now use a cordless out there in future. Thanks again.

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