No.heads/Precomp/Landz/for 40 GB.Toshiba Laptop.

  checho 13:40 22 Apr 2003

Hi.There is anyone with a 40 Gygas Hard drive who can give me this information to insert it in the BIOS manually so it can recognize the new hard drive :No. of Cylinders / heads /PreComp/ Landz (landing zone).My BIOS that is 4 years old requieres this info. Thanks. (I need specially the PRECOMP and LANDZ).

  Pesala 16:50 22 Apr 2003

40822 Mbytes

19541 cylinders

16 heads

0 precomp

19540 landing zone

255 sectors

I hope this helps, if not, at least it will push it back to the top.

  checho 11:21 23 Apr 2003

Thanks for the answers. It looks like the values are dif. I went before to TOSHIBA web site and they have this values:33.440 cylinders(against 19.541 of Pesala);16 heads (the same)63 sectors(against 255 of Pesala) but they don,t have the values for PRECOMP and LAND ZONE. Is there anyone with exactly the same Hard Drive (Toshiba- 40 Gygas for Laptops)who can give me those 2 values. Thanks.

  checho 11:28 23 Apr 2003

I want to add that in the Hard Drive there is this info. that I find very confusing:
Line 1....8.455Mb (cyl 16.383, h16, s63)
Line 2....40 GB (LBA 78, 140, 160 sectors)

  DieSse 12:40 23 Apr 2003

You really shouldn't need to do this - Auto settings detection should work just fine. If it doesn't then you have a problem that needs resolving.

All modern high capacity drives use internal address translation, as the real number of heads/cylinders/etc will not match the parameters the BIOS uses - as these parameters would not work (due to various limits on the size of the parameters.)

Why doesn't the BIOS detect your drive properly - is it because it's over 32Gb and your BIOS doesn't support that??

  checho 17:04 23 Apr 2003

So what I should do ?.Some people say Upgrade the BIOS but it looks that it,s almost imposibly for a laptop because the way to do it is inserting a chip in the motherboard. Maybe a professional can do it. Other people say try inserting the values of the new hard drive manually, so still I expect someone to tell me what is the Precomp and Land zone for a Toshiba- 40 Gygas.Maybe it could work that way.

  checho 19:58 23 Apr 2003

It,s a MAXTECH 783 bought when I lived in U.S. A. Their web site looks is not updated for ages and I have been trying sending e-mails but they are returned. A very good seller sold me this computer and it has been very good and accepted dif upgrades (up to 256 RAM memory, even the C.P.U.) but now I am stuck upgradind the H.D.

  DieSse 21:45 23 Apr 2003

You may be able get software to fool your system to use a larger drive. Commonly the HDD manufacturer will supply this - but I can't find such a program myself for Toshiba drives.

Failing that you can get a program such as On-Track Disk Manager which will do the job.

click here

  checho 16:30 25 Apr 2003

Hi. How can I get the Disk Manager. I have heard about that.Also who knows how to upgrade the BIOS for a laptop ?. I have seen the sites and they talk about inserting a chip or a card. But this works fine for a desktop. What about laptops ?

  checho 11:52 24 May 2003

FINALLY....After weeks of trying to resolve my problem I got a 20 Gygas hard drive. I almost gave up. Like Beta said maybe the maximum could be 6 or 8. There are 2 barriers known as 8 gygas and 32 gygas. As I said before upgradind the BIOS is not a good option in a laptop because involves downloadindg a software that even the manufacturer click here doesn't recommend because it can burn the motherboard. DISK MANAGER is not other option because it works only in hard drives with an operating system present and it wasn,t my case (an empty hard drive). Finally I went to see the guys who sold me this hard drive and told them all this staff. They said they would do it but they couldn,t but were able to fit a 20 gygas, that is o.k. (10 for the programs and 10 for my c.d. in M.P.3. format). That,s all guys. Bye.

  DieSse 16:07 24 May 2003

"DISK MANAGER is not other option because it works only in hard drives with an operating system present"

Whoever told you this misled you. Disk Manager MUST be installed before any software, and before even partitioning and formatting the drive. It couldn't work any other way.

Still, glad you got somewhere that helped you.

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