to edit the master border?

  Diemmess 17:02 18 Jul 2006

Have had a torrid time in last week or so.
Resolved with huge help from this forum.
If interested ttp://click here but only read the first couple of sentences to set the scene.

The site is up and running. Have even dared to make small corrections and add a page!
I built it using NOF, and chose a ready made style that was less gaudy than some.

So there it is, all links seem to work but what I don't like is that the page links at the top left seem to run out of room so that not all the text is displayed. Can someone tell me how to move the margins or whatever?

The help files in NEW software and a New field, are unrewarding to my small brain.
See for yourself click here

  ade.h 18:37 18 Jul 2006

Maybe we should set up a video conference or something! LOL.

Two ways to do it:

1) Grab the markers on the vertical and horizontal rulers and drag them, being careful not to drag them too far or pull them out of the current page view (which makes them scroll very quickly like in MS Word)

2) Clicking on either the MB itself or the dark grey background in the window (ie. next to the site page itself) will bring up the ever-varying properties palette for the MB. In which you can set the figures for left, top, right and bottom areas. My preferred method by far.

Saying that, I don't use MBs much now, except for holding common content such as copyright notices, etc. that reside at the bottom of each page. The rest of the content gets re-created on each page to allow lots of customisation! For a while, I made different MBs for groups of pages, but that only works efficiently in some layouts.


  Diemmess 19:51 18 Jul 2006

Sense of Deja vu
Feel I've been along that path already.
If you look now I've juggled a bit, you can see that the buttons themselves are too short for the text inside them?

  ade.h 20:31 18 Jul 2006

Because NOF uses auto-generated images for its navigation bars whereby the text is embedded into the image before publishing, it is impossible to adjust the text size without switching to another style.

If you want to stay with this style, your best bet is to open each version of your chosen navbar graphic in an image editor and change their size and/or shape. Then copy them back to your site's Style folder.

These days, I make my own custom navbar graphics - complete with highlighted rollover versions - and pick a site style whose text is suitable for my navbar graphics. I don't use any other part of that site style. I just copy my graphics into that site's Style folder in place of the originals, using the same name. NOF then thinks that mine are original and applies the appropriate text.

That gives me a custom style without any hard coding or hard work and you have to have an active style anyway, so I think you might as well use some of it if it's to your advantage.

  Diemmess 20:51 18 Jul 2006

'twas what I suspected but enough is enough today.
Have done so much fiddling to ensure email is forwarded and testing the important email links, I got myself in a near mess just now editing one version and publishing the other!!
Time to shut down. 00:16 19 Jul 2006

to alter the text on the existing buttons in NOF. Click 'Style' and make sure the 'Read only' box is unchecked. You can then click on the buttons and format the size of the text to make it a smaller fit.

Make sure you alter all modes of the button (normal, rollover, highlighted, highlighted rollover).

  ade.h 14:37 19 Jul 2006

Only applies to editable styles, of course. Sod's law says that the one that you want to use is not editable. 00:50 20 Jul 2006

but I have never come across one that wasn't editable. They all have the 'Read only' box ticked, but you just untick that and edit to your hearts content.

  ade.h 11:56 20 Jul 2006

Some of the extra styles (Vol. 1 and 2) are not editable and the online styles are not editable.

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