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  keewaa 11:27 20 Apr 2006

Sorry for repeating this question but I asked in my other post which I had already ticked as resolved ......

Using the wizard in NOF sets up a design that only fills the left 3/4 of the screen, where is the setting to make it fill the screen for whoever is viewing it.

It just doesn't look right, as if a display / pixel / size setting is wrong, and is there an auto setting to make it fit right in the browser / screen of whoever is viewing it, since doesn't even look right to me and viewers would have different screen settings etc.

I know I can manually adjust the layout but I was wondering if NOF itself has an initial choice of layout size settings or if it can easily be changed to various sizes in NOF to see which sits best on screen. (I'm on a res of 1024 x 768)

  mco 12:31 20 Apr 2006

I personally would make my page fit 800x600 then centre it in the browser so that whatever screen size above that you have, it still looks ok.

  ade.h 15:30 20 Apr 2006

I usually place my content in dynamic tables now, rather like a visible version of what NOF has to do for you if you use Dynamic Page Layout and Page Centreing. It's fairly easy to do, but let me/us know if you need to know more detail.

  keewaa 19:02 20 Apr 2006

Yes please ade.h if it is simple to explain, if not don't spend your time as I can read the manual which I intend to do soon. Thanks.

  ade.h 19:20 20 Apr 2006

It'll be easier if I upload an example, so that you can see the layout in action, check the code, etc.

Back shortly.

  ade.h 19:48 20 Apr 2006

Okay, I've created a sample page with two simple tables (one with borders so that you can see how it works as you resize your browser and one without borders so that you can see the finished effect).

I have created a table with 100% width and five columns; columns 1, 2, 4 and 5 have percentage width while the cetre column is fixed. "Centre in browser" is selected. There are slightly different ways of setting your table properties and number of columns, so experiment. The position, size and shape of content will influence how many rows you have, what size they are and whether any individual cells are split.

click here

Bear in mind that the centreing function does not work with Firefox unless you add some modified code (which I can give you later if you need it) so please view it in IE only.

Play around with it, view and save the source code. See if that helps.

  keewaa 20:44 20 Apr 2006

Great thanks for that. So you're using the outer columns to expand and make it look much better for whatever screen resolution anyone has. I'll look at the source code over the weekend and experiment.

  keewaa 16:21 16 May 2006

Sorry ade.h, I didn't take your advise about saving the source code. Do you still have it? If not don't worry my mistake.

  ade.h 17:23 16 May 2006

I'm sorry, Keewaa. I deleted it from my user sites two days ago!

I'll post back later today or tomorrow with instructions for how to create a similar table.

  ade.h 17:25 16 May 2006

Oh, and having just read my earlier commwnt about centreing in Firefox....

Having recently designed a site using tables of my own creation - rather than relying on the hidden dynamic tables that NOF makes - I am happy to report that this is the sure way of getting centreing in F'fox. No need to add any code!

  keewaa 18:46 16 May 2006

If you have time that would be great, thanks.

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