NOF upload problem

  Snec 05:50 30 Jul 2005

I use to use NamoWebEditor (from a cover disc three or four years ago) and the freeware Nvu. They were OK too for freebies but then along came PCA with NOF 7 on the cover disc. Whey hey, I've used nothing else since. Compared to what I had been using NOF is a doddle, a breeze, a walk in the park.... I love it!!

No more furdling about with tables, a smidgin here, a touch there, and everything looks as intended with no real effort at all. It is so easy. I should perhaps temper all this by mentioning I am a simple soul with simple requirements.

Thank you PCA btw.

But now a problem has developed ... it refuses to carry out a remote publish. Tells me the password is wrong. I can get round this by publishing locally and uploading from there via Core FTP Lite, so I'm not stuck but I wondered if this is a common problem and does anyone have a cure.

  Forum Editor 08:20 30 Jul 2005

that's telling you the password is wrong - NOF simply submits what it's given. Is it possible that you have inadvertantly mis-typed something?

  Snec 08:43 30 Jul 2005

No FE, I'm certain about that. I've checked it and double checked numerous times. The same info is OK for Core FTP and also WS_FTP Pro.

It's a strange one! I think I must have glitched something somehow don't you?

  Pesala 22:16 31 Jul 2005

Take a look at Publish Settings, Advanced, FTP and see if there is anything there that you can try changing. There is an option to restore defaults if it doesn't work. You could also run through the Flash Tutorial, though I suspect you already know the basics.

Publishing via an FTP program is not something you want to do often. It is much easier direct from the NOF interface.

If you want to send me your FTP Upload details and a temporary password, I will try uploading a page from here. I also have NOF 7.

  Snec 21:41 05 Aug 2005

Thanks for your offer Pesala. Very kind!

I like to get to the bottom of these things, don't you? Thruth is I couldn't. So I moved my user files to a safe haven and removed NOF completely. Cleaned the registry and reinstalled.

It's working properly again now so what I must have done somewhere along the way to upset things I really don't know.

Cheers, Snec

  ade.h 18:51 11 Aug 2005

Hi Snec - I was following this thread, but had forgotten about it until the same issue occurred for me today.

If it happens to you again, have a look at your global profile and the profile from which it was copied in the Publish list. I found that the two profiles appeared to have different passwords of different lengths; one worked, one didn't.

I don't know what caused it, because I hadn't changed anything beyond deleting an old profile for a different domain account, which had the same password anyway.

Worth ckecking carefully if it happens to you again.

  Snec 00:50 12 Aug 2005

Aha, interesting my friend.

I know I was using the right password because I poked it in time and time again and anway, as you know, you don't normally have to enter it again after the first time so something HAD altered.

I'll know where to have a look, first, should it happen again.

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