NOF and forwarding email

  Diemmess 16:36 05 Aug 2006

Its thanks to this forum that I have a website running at all.

Because it is a website for local information there are perhaps a dozen links to various documents and email contact links, which should be forwarded to me.
The internal links to documents work, also external links to other websites.
The external links to people are not working.

In Assets, these links show as (Name)[email protected] (Link)--- mailto:[email protected]

(Except one. This is a contact address to the local village news letter like mailto:[email protected])Probably best ignored becuse th rest simply send into cyberspace

I find Help more baffling than enlightening.

I assume that the Link should be mailto:my_email_address?

Please can someone tell me simply how to change the link addresses so that all mail is automatically forwarded to me?

  ade.h 17:06 05 Aug 2006

Hi Diemmess.

It is easily done in page view. Just select the object or text that carries the link, select the Link button from the properties palette and select Mailto: from the drop-down on the Link Manager dialogue box. Enter and save your link and press the Link button on this dialogue box to refresh it.

Don't worry about link assets. However, you will need to make sure that the text and/or alt tags are changed to suit.

And I am bound to say this: don't put an email address in a website's text or code and don't make a link to an email address. I can appreciate that you are still at that stage and have not tackled forms, but be prepared for spam (both in and out).

It may be worth mentioning that this has nothing to do with forwarding - that involves one mailbox sending its contents to another mailbox.

  Diemmess 17:41 05 Aug 2006

As I said I thought all links worked but something has happened and they don't now.

I did have had much more spam than usual since the website was published, but Aol has a report spam button which seems to block anything reported and it doesn't return.

The idea is that various parish worthies could be contacted by links e.g. [email protected], and be automatically forwarded to me for vetting before onward forwarding to the intended recipient.

Is this what you meant by "one mailbox sending its contents to another mailbox?"

  ade.h 18:05 05 Aug 2006

No. Individual messages that are addressed to you can be forwarded by you from your mail client on an individual basis, but that is not what is meant when people talk about forwarding in relation to servers and domains. This involves a setting on your mail server that takes all mail that is intended for one address and forwards it to an alternative address.

  Diemmess 18:23 05 Aug 2006

I do see what you mean about not entering a valid email address on the site even a layer down.
I've been browsing "cpanel" on the hosting site.
It seems there are facilites there to forward email to named recipients.

There are also all sorts of anti spam doo-dahs as part of the site which obviously I will not alter.

I think will try completing (in cpanel) the onward addresses for those not already listed.
This will be backed up by a straight explanatory email to all, just ahead of the onsite test
Testing will involve those people, but is a sure way of proving it works.... if they are not all on holiday!

  ade.h 18:43 05 Aug 2006

You may have misunderstood me slightly. If you need to use an email address on a website, it must be a genuine one, even with forwarding. Whatever you do, if the email address can be harvested or you have provided a mailto link, you are at risk of spam (and not just incoming either).

Because you are not yet very experienced, I would not expect you to use a form or indeed recommend it. You'll probably have to live with the spam issue for now.

It is possible to display an email address in a graphic with no text and no link, but this presents accessibility issues. Obfuscation is a possibility: Diemmess[remove this] @ for example.

  Diemmess 19:16 05 Aug 2006

......An enormous understatement very gently made.

Unless you veto the idea, tomorrow I will try and update (through the host facility) the list of worthies for forwarding and see how that turns out. From past experience of the previous website manager there was only ONE email in 2 years.

Will post again tomorrow but enough is enough today thanks ade.

  Diemmess 18:41 06 Aug 2006

Have used Cpanel on the host site to link emails with forwarding addresses.

Have run tests both ways. Seems to work fine.
I hope this doesn't make you cringe ade?

The tests brought comment about one small factual error on each of three pages.

Have spent all afternoon struggling to update the ammendments. If it still persists tomorrow I'm afraid it will be the start of a new thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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