NOF and Firefox (again)... 00:32 25 Feb 2006

With the prices charged bu NOF to update their software, you would at least think that they stop tarting up the UI, and start making it work properly in other browsers.

I just finished (almost) re-vamping my site in NOF9. I didn't import the old one, I totally rebuilt it from scratch, hoping that NOF had improved things as far as FF is concerned.

I haven't gone over it thouroughly yet but so far in FF I have found that bold text does not show, and table row heights are doubled, coupled with reduced font size.

What is the point of using it if you have to edit all the code manually afterwards? Check it out in IE and FF. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Cheers, Whizz... click here

  Forum Editor 11:51 25 Feb 2006

how much your site has improved since the early days Barry - it's a pleasure to navigate, and the layout is excellent.

I can see the bold text perfectly in both IE and FF, although there is a marginal difference in font size. With FF set as 'normal' and IE as 'smallest' (my default size) I can see a difference, but it's minimal.

The biggest difference is that the pages are centred in my IE window (using IE 7.0 beta by the way), but FF whacks them over to the left.

I'm rushing to finish an article for the magazine this morning, so I haven't looked at the code yet - I'll delve a little later on, but by then someone else may have come up with something.

Incidentally, and I hope you don't mind me mentioning it - could you change the 'Englands glory' nav button to 'England's glory'? 14:00 25 Feb 2006

I forgot to mention the left alignment in FF, which is annoying. The bold text on the first few words of each paragraph don't show up for me in FF.

Yes, the missing apostrophe! It makes the nav bar slightly too long. I may use some alternative labels when completely finished.

I would not normally complain about these small items, but the popularity of FF is so great now that it makes a difference, and NOF should have taken this into account before charging money for a mainly cosmetic upgrade.

  Forum Editor 14:27 25 Feb 2006

in FF version and in 1.5 on all my office machines.

Which version are you using?

The left-alignment is a little more difficult to pin down, but I'll have another look later.

  beynac 15:47 25 Feb 2006

The bold text is there for me (Firefox, but doesn't show up very well. I think that it depends upon a combination of screen resolution and the default font size being used.

I use 'normal' size for Firefox and 'medium' for IE and I get the noticeable difference in font size you mention. 16:19 25 Feb 2006

Maybe it's the new system I'm using. I am still viewing at 1024 x 768 but the native resolution of the screen is much higher than that. But it looks ok in IE.

  beynac 16:43 25 Feb 2006

I'm using 1024 x 768 as well. I think that your problem, with the fonts, is because you are using 'font-size: x-small;' rather than setting the font size (e.g. 'font-size: 10pt;'). I know nothing about NOF, so I don't know how to solve this other than amending the stylesheet manually.

  ade.h 16:50 25 Feb 2006

Which font size measurement system do you use, Barry? 17:21 25 Feb 2006

the + & -, as I always have. At the moment it is Arial -1

Everything was OK untill Firefox came along and got stricter with their rules. Now WYSIWYG is virtually useless, requiring tweaking the code all the time.

At least in IE you have a bit of leeway, and 99% of the time the pages display correctly.

  ade.h 17:26 25 Feb 2006

I never use +/-, because it has caused me a lot of cross-platform display issues in the past. I use points, pixels or ems, depending on which one works best for a particular site's text layout.

  beynac 17:58 25 Feb 2006

Using +/- means that the look of your site will depend upon the user's browser settings. If you do as ade.h advises, you will be setting the font size independant of the browser or its settings.

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