NOF 9 - Layout Properties & HTML Output

  Taff™ 12:53 29 Dec 2007

Having knocked up my first website for a local business I thought I`d have a go at one for myself. This time though I`m looking more carefully at the various options and for example found the above.

Under Layout Properties there are various options under HTML output - Site Setting is default (Whatever that means), Dynamic Page Layout, Regular Tables and Fixed Page Layout. The help files don`t really give me a laymans view. Any suggestions?

  Kemistri 15:28 29 Dec 2007

Viewing the source code will, as always, reveal a lot of what you want to know. You have a choice between dynamic-width tables, fixed tables, or very basic CSS positioning of layers, with no dynamic layout.

  Taff™ 19:01 29 Dec 2007

I don`t want to get into the source code. (yet!) Give me the layman terms for the options and preferably those for NOF, bearing in mind that this is only a basic site at the moment. (Please!)

  mco 19:14 29 Dec 2007

if it's just a basic site and you don't want to go into the source code..just leave the Layout properties in html as default and let NOF sort that aspect out - you just build the site as you want it. It won't do any harm!

  Kemistri 20:20 29 Dec 2007

No such thing as layman's terms in website design, Taff! As wrote above, it's a choice between tables and divs or layers (NOF calls them layers, but the rest of the world would call them divs these days).

You will need to pay attention to which type of layout you are using in NOF; it will fundamentally affect what you do.

Try filling the width of a page with a 100% table with three columns. For the sake of this exercise, set one column to 25%, the next to 50%, and the third to 25%. Give them some text or something to prevent them from collapsing, add a border or background colour to make them easier to distinguish - then preview it in a browser and resize the viewport. That's a very basic dynamic table.

Do you want a fixed centred layout or a full-width dynamic layout? Drag your viewport edge while viewing this forum and see how the content area does not resize. Now click here for example and do the same.

  Taff™ 10:16 30 Dec 2007

Thanks for the explanation. (I think I get it) In my first site I set up I have obviously ended up with a fixed centred layout and although I have used text boxes, I assume these are the same as tables as far as web design is concerned, these are basically one column/one row affairs, some with an image dropped in.

It looks OK for a first effort so I`m not going to change it. If only I could get it uploaded to my ISP in a format that would allow us to view it! We could then discuss it more objectively. Thanks again.

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