NOF 8 - Managing styles accross pages

  ade.h 22:12 21 Jul 2005

I have a query about the way in which Net Objects Fusion handles site styles and the objects (images, text, etc.) therein.

Every time I add or edit an object in the master border area of a page, it turns up in the same place on all the other site's pages. This is very helpful most of the time, but I need to apply a slightly different design to the top-level page and I cannot figure out how to do it. I don't want a completely different style, just a different layout, but any edit is carried on to all the other pages.

One other question; does NOF support Tiff images? And are these suitable for web use? I ask because I want to add an annotation to highlight part of an image, and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer has this feature for Tiffs and bitmaps. I have no means of adding the same kind of translucent highlight to a jpeg image, as I don't have any third-party image software.

Many thanks for any help that you can give. Regards, Ade.

  Pesala 00:04 23 Jul 2005

In NOF 7, you click on the border and add a new border from the properties palette (shortcut F3 to show/hide the palette). Then you can edit your home page layout without affecting the DefaultMasterBorder.

TIFF or PNG both support transparency, but PNG is the best one for web use. Try the free PhotoPlus 5.5 from click here or convert the TIFF file with Irfan View click here (also free).

  ade.h 17:14 23 Jul 2005

I will try your suggestion regarding the borders and see how I get on; I'm still learning the NOF ropes. I think I have a trial of PhotoPlus 7 on a PCW cover CD somewhere, so I'll give that a go.

Thanks for your helpful input.

  ade.h 16:54 24 Jul 2005

Pesala - I couldn't exactly replicate what you described, but achieved much the same by changing the Master Border to Zero Margins on the page in question, placing the identical objects in the same place and then positioning the new objects as required. It's worked fine.

I tried Serif PhotoPlus 7 but could not find any option for adding a translucent square to highlight a part of the image. I'll play around with it some more anyway. I swapped to a png file as you suggested and it works well - jpg files don't have enough detail for this particular image, which is a map.

Thanks again.

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