Nobody can seem to sort this one

  Ray5776 22:24 10 Sep 2006

Hello everyone,
I have a recurring problem which I have posted here in the past. I also have a current posting relating specifically to Nero.

The problem is that when I try to use certain programs for example DVB tv player or Nero7 I get the error message "xxx.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Sometimes the program will work OK but over 50 per cent of the time I get the error message.

I have tried the manufacturers help sites to no avail and conclude that the fault is at my end.

Had the problem with TV stick for about 9 months and with Nero since I installed it appx 4 months.

Sometimes a restore will work but not always, it may have been working fine yesterday but I may have to use a restore point from a week back to make it work and the next day or maybe a few days later will get the error again and back to square one. Tricky one but any help wellcome.

  skidzy 22:32 10 Sep 2006

Ray,to me it sounds like a conflict with another piece of software.Im guessing its a program you hardly use,maybe once a week or similar.

Have you tried eliminating certain programs from your startup ? as this could be the cause.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:35 10 Sep 2006

Are you in a position to do a clean install of your OS?

that's often the best way to sort out such issues and to eliminate various scenarios.

  woodchip 22:36 10 Sep 2006

shared files can be the problem, I would remove both programs also after uninstall from Add Remove, go to Start Search look for NERO Delete all it finds then look for the TV and do the same. Then try loading other way round Nero first then TV

  Ray5776 22:38 10 Sep 2006

I think you are right, this is what I think but what is it because I dont know.

  woodchip 22:39 10 Sep 2006

PS also what can solve the problem is to copy all the Dll's that Nero uses in the same folder as NERO.EXE. Same with TV, if you do this it as more dll's on the drive but it will look in it's own folder first for them

  skidzy 22:42 10 Sep 2006

woodchips idea sounds the best to me for a starter Ray,then maybe try your startup programs.But be aware when deleting Nero,you may lose your cd/dvd drive error code 10,39..etc.This is a common problem,make sure you back up the registry first.

  woodchip 22:48 10 Sep 2006

You may see all the Dll's on the CD to copy from.

He will not looks is drive it would just play and not write until NERO was back on

  Ray5776 22:52 10 Sep 2006

Diodorus, I can do a clean install but dont really want to unless absolutely necessary.
Woodchip, I will try your suggestion, something seems to be clashing, I had the problem with the DVB tv stick before I installed Nero7 but I did have Nero6 on the PC. This has to be a software thing but I just cant sus this one, thanks


  Ray5776 23:01 10 Sep 2006

so copy all the dlls from the disk into the exe file
and presumably delete the others is this correct.

  woodchip 23:05 10 Sep 2006

No the Folder that as NERO.EXE in it. Leave others, unless it says do you want to replace this one click yes to all

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