Noahs Computer!

  spaciousmonti 22:26 10 Apr 2003

I have inherited a crumbly old 120 mhz thingy.
It has a 1 gig hard drive, a floppy and a cdrom drive, 64 mb of memory and not much else.
Now before i start i am a student of the MCSE so dont be worried about the techie speak and yes I have checked the fuse in the plug ;-)

The story begins with trying to install an OS, with the windows 98 startup disc i can run fdisk and chkdsk and all, the hard disk is fine, formatted in fat32 and is recognised by the bios, so is the cdrom.

Sounds good yeah!

BUT,when I start it up with the 98 startup disc it recognises the HDD but not the cdrom! so I cannot install!

There is a floppy that came with it with the cdrom driver on it and instructions to startup with this and type install. This allows the cdrom to be recognised as the C:\ drive but NO HDD! so I cannot install!

This has led me to one of three possible choices.

1. Copy the cdrom drivers onto a windows 98 startup disk and try that!

2. Temporarily install the HDD in another pc and install windows 98 then ttransfer it back to the old pc (might casue a problem with hardware recognition or HAL.DLL?)

3. Hold the PC above my head, run down the landing and launch it out of the spare bedroom windows (could sell tickets, any takers?)

Please advise, or laugh, or just sob quietly with me.

  Bagsey 22:42 10 Apr 2003

Daft question. Have you checked the BIOS setting to see if the CD drive is set in the drive read sequence option so that it will look for and read from your 98 disk.

  Falkyrn 22:45 10 Apr 2003

3 sounds a good option

I'm not sure if you're not being a little ambitious with W98 given the specs of the machine you're installing to ... but in any case a basic floppy boot disc with CD drivers may be your best option (assuming of course that the bios cannot be accessed to boot from the CD Drive)

  spaciousmonti 22:49 10 Apr 2003

Yes I did check and no the cdrom cannot be set in the bios and no I dont think this is a daft question after all I thought that was what this forum was for??!

  Ben Avery 22:52 10 Apr 2003

As it's Noah's computer the chances are that there'll be another one soon (they come in 2 by 2 hurrah, hurrah! Actually some of the animals DIDN'T go in in 2's - a bit of useless information for your there some went in 7's!)

Anyway, I think you'll find that if it only has a 1GB HDD you may be better off with Windows 95 as 98 takes up most of that.


  spaciousmonti 22:55 10 Apr 2003

I hope there is only one of these and yes all the clean animals went in by 7's, thanks your the information;-)

  barn 23:03 10 Apr 2003

I think this depends on the cd rom drive itself. I had a similar problem with a pc I was given to 'clean up' and reinstall. I tried every boot disk under the sun but nothing worked. I got round it by plugging a newer cdrom into it, installing windows and then swapping the drive back. Windows will probably recognise it then. It's worth trying click here as well

  Pesala 23:16 10 Apr 2003

Was it from an old friend who wanted to get even with your for some reason? Stands to reason that they couldn't get it working, so they thought of you. "Ah! Spaciousmonti loves playing with PCs, I'll give it to him to fix."

  Lone Crow 23:31 10 Apr 2003

Possibly, reformat your hard drive to fat16 and try again? If still no go, on your boot disk (or preferably, a copy of it) look in the files config.sys and autoexec.bat for a line that specifies the cd-rom drive (any basic text editor will do - if working in DOS type "edit config.sys" or "edit autoexec.bat" [without the punctuation marks] and press return). If the command line ends with a code that specifies the drive letter make sure it is not set to make it the c-drive, as that could displace your hard drive into nowhere-land. It's a long shot, but worth checking, as it's very unusual for a cd-rom to appear as a c-drive. LC.

  expertec 09:35 11 Apr 2003

Why don't you try putting Linux on it

  DieSse 09:42 11 Apr 2003

Is the CD-ROM connected to the sound card, rather than a standard IDE channel - if so, post back, as the setup procedures are rather different.

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